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Hannity Censors Calls, Denies Airtime

"less hannity, more sanity" by eleanor ryan on flickr

"less hannity, more sanity" by eleanor ryan on flickr

Hannity Says Ahmadinijhad Wants To Wipe “United States Off The Face Of The Earth”
Vexed By Ron Paul Supporter, Hannity Cowers From Substantive Debate, Bullies and Lies

Audio here shows specifically how Hannity operates to shut callers down and hustle them off the air, paint them as crazy and claim they are unreasonable, even if they are making perfect sense.

Hear the caller Joe today suggest that America brought attacks onto itself by interfering in Muslim countries. Hannity interrupts and heckles him, refuses to discuss it on the merits, and forces Joe into a series of yes or no questions that inevitably lead back to his own talking point. No longer a fringe view, GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul is making this a major campaign issue, and had discussed the exact same idea with Hannity in April 2011, saying US troops based in Saudi Arabia caused “blowback” as terror strikes.

Listen to Hannity bully, cut off and talk over Joe when he brings up the large defense contractors. Hannity mocks Joe and reflexively asks “do you think evil exists today?” Joe astutely points out that the US has supported many evil, brutal dictators – including Saddam Hussein. Again, Hannity cuts him off and talks over him, remarking he was “going off in a hundred different directions” when he actually was right on topic, answering Hannity’s question by saying yes, evil exists today but in part, it’s our own leaders!

Hannity then demonstrates Godwin’s Law, saying Ahmadinijhad is equivalent to Hitler. [Note: Hannity uses a mistranslation of the Iranian president’s statement, “the Israeli regime will fade from the map” somehow distorting it into “Iran will nuke Israel”. This is absurd, as Israel is a nuclear power, Iran would be assuring it’s own destruction. Mistranslated on purpose, it has been thoroughly debunked but Hannity still puts stock into this distortion every single day].

Hannity next asks if “talking it out” would have worked with Hitler. Joe handily reminded Hannity that if anyone did, George W. Bush’s grandfather Prescott Bush was the one that had dealings with the Third Reich, as head of the firm Harriman Brown who financed Hitler’s armaments as he rose to power. Hannity immediately hangs up on Joe, censoring him in shivering, cowardly fear, saying “I gotta go Joe, I gave it my best shot.” Hannity’s best won’t do for Americans to have a real debate over public airwaves.

We have not been able to find anywhere Ahmadinijhad ever explicitly threatened the United States himself, but we have found cases where he called America imperialist, oil vampires, exploiters of Mid East nations, human rights violators and violent hypocrites for claiming we are followers of Jesus Christ whose gave his life for the cause of pacifism.

This means Hannity made a “non-factual” statement when he said Ahmadinijhad “wants to wipe Israel and the United States off the face of the Earth” which needs a retraction. We are in the middle of a sensitive diplomatic negotiation to extract American “hikers” being held by Iran and have also been trying to support the green revolution in Iran which arose after the last election of Ahmadinijhad was riddled with fraud.

To attack Iran today would give Ahmadinijhad every excuse to assume complete control via martial law and galvanize his support among the Iranian people, undoing years of activism by the Iranian grassroots.

Weds Sept 14, 2011
Hannity “Never Heard of” Halliburton’s Troop Electrocutions or Corruption Despite National Headlines
Approximately 4:46PM EST today a caller tells Hannity that Halliburton was corrupt, getting millions in contracts even after they ‘electrocuted our servicemen’, referring to the unintentional ‘manslaughter’ of soldiers due to faulty grounding wiring as they were showering. Hannity first said he’s never heard of the corruption the caller was talking about and then said he doesn’t have time to spend on the topic, immediately disconnecting the caller and going to a “friendly” call.

As reported in the Military Times, the Army’s Inspector General found that equipment installed and inspected by Halliburton/KBR was “unacceptable” and killed Staff Sgt. Ryan Maseth, 24, of Pittsburgh and up to nine other soldiers. After the ruling, KBR blamed the military, ironically saying it had informed the Army their electrical work was unsafe but the Army never told them they had to fix it, so they are not responsible.

Halliburton’s other scandals include double billing, gouging and bribery, resulting in over half a billion in fines, but the most sexist practice was how they make women sign away their right to prosecute or sue if Halliburton staff rapes them. When the US Senate tried to outlaw this practice, they lobbied to keep the rape loophole and then, when the Jamie Leigh Jones rape case against Halliburton was dismissed because of their pro-rape clause, they then sued her for legal expenses for daring to try to have them prosecuted for allegedly raping her.

Hannity, who lavishes praise over Dick Cheney probably has heard these headline news scandals, after all, he did say he reads the papers. This would me Hannity is choosing to lie to say he’s never heard of them so he has an excuse to hang up on the caller and censor the public.

Mon Sept 5, 2011
Professor Goolsbee Takes Hannity To School
Goolsbee appeared on Hannity’s TV show last week where Hannity tried to say he and Obama had failed in everything they’ve tried. Goolsbee let Fox viewers in on some key facts though.
1 – Reagan’s top marginal rate on the rich was 50% till 1986
2 – Obama cut taxes for 150 million middle class workers
3 – Cut, Cap and Balance doesn’t even satisfy Paul Ryan’s Plan let alone any real compromise

Mon Aug 22, 2011
Hannity Renegs On Unsolicited Equal Candidate Airtime Pledge
Hannity pledged months ago he would give open access on radio to all presidential candidates but has reneged, excluding candidates Fred Karger (who is openly gay) and Representative Thaddeus McCotter who Hannity gave airtime to in 2009 but not since he announced a run for President.

In one example in April, Hannity told pro-Trump caller Diana says he will provide equal air time for all candidates because we have huge fiscal and international problems and Hannity is worried about the future and his kids, saying we need a conservative in the White House to reverse the problem.

We called Hannity’s show on April 27, 2011 to ask his screeners about this pledge, whether “all candidates” meant Democrats too. The screener said “he said ALL candidates, right?” and I said “right…” and so she said “well, there you go”.

But Hannity, as is his usual policy has censored and blackballed all Democratic candidates and even some Republicans. Fred Karger just filed a 158 page complaint to the FEC detailed how Fox and Hannity has locked him out of radio, TV and debates (Mediaite).

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