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Trickle Down Economics Come Home

"After Layoff? Empty" by astros on flickr

"After Layoff? Empty" by astros on flickr

After many months of bickering, debating, zoning and neighbor’s concerns finally at long last a multi-million dollar project has come to my town of Danbury, Connecticut as reported by the News-Times.

A new regional U.S. Army Reserve Training Center will take up 17 acres of the old Lee Farm, and yes many years ago it was a working farm, at a cost for the land which is a small portion of the 200 acre farm of $4.3 million dollars.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded the $33.8 million construction contract to Korte-Fusco a joint commercial venture which includes a company based in New Haven, CT. The facility which will include a 95,000 sq. ft. building for offices, a weapon simulator and fitness center will be used by eight U.S. Army Reserve units and two Connecticut National Guard units.

The expected two year project is estimated to bring with it 200 construction and related field jobs.

Now the trickle down.

Those construction workers, some of whom may come from out of town, will need places to sleep, eat, shop and possiby purchase gas. After they are long gone those who will be in town for weekends or longer to attend the center will also need places to sleep, eat, purchase gas and perhaps shop and watch a movie or two.

While in the grand scheme of things this isn’t a cure all to our and the local area employment problems, hopefully some locals will be hired for the construction project, however it certainly won’t hurt our local economy and can only help in a small way. This is the kind of Jobs Act we need, trickle down that will continue on, not one that will end after a new road is built. Permanent trickle down not just short term fix.

However as this tiny bit of economic glimmer of hope befalls us, the same can not be said for others in CT as Sikorsky has announced layoffs of 567 with the majority of those lost here in the Nutmeg State.

On her website yesterday U.S. Rep (D-3rd) Rosa DeLauro wrote in part, “I am extremely disappointed that Sikorsky will be laying off 419 workers in Connecticut. This is deeply concerning to me, and I will be speaking with Sikorsky leadership to discuss their long-term plans in the state and the ways in which we can work together to ensure these jobs stay in Stratford and throughout the state. For the workers impacted by these layoffs, I stand ready to offer my assistance in any way possible.”

The news as reported last week by WTNH-TV in the video below sent shock waves through the state as at the time an unknown number of people in Connecticut would be heading to the unemployment line.

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Lyndon Evans

Lyndon Evans