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I can assure you that everyone on the staff calls are getting a bit annoyed with my constant Google+ blurps and shout-outs. One might think I was invested in it. I can also assure you I would be if I could afford it, but a series of terrible investing choices have left me with only lunch money.

Anyways, Google+ is now open to everyone. After just 90 days of its test trial, Google feels its new social media network is ready for anyone. What does this mean? Well for one, a lot more active users, and two, more of a reason to join up. With more people jumping on the Google social bandwagon, posting articles, statuses, music videos, and other links are going to be much more worthwhile in terms of visibility.

David F, one of our great members contacted me the other day about a post that he had written. I asked him how it was going, and he replied that he did not receive any comments and sounded slightly discouraged. The truth is,  we have over 10,000 active writers at FDL, so many posts go unnoticed. The way that posts make it to the front pages of MyFDL and the main site, is by being read, and recommended. The more you are recommended, the better chance you have of being “front-paged” and furthermore, commented on.

Using Google+, where you can sign up here, is a great way to share your FDL posts with friends and followers. Every time that you post a link to your article on Google+, or Facebook for that matter, it will show up on your friends/followers news feeds.

To bolster its repertoire, Google+ now has a SEARCH capability built within. Hubspot explains this further in their article. Basically what this does is allows someone to search anything in google+ and it will find posts that are related to their search. So, if you write a an article about the social security safety net, then post it to Google+ and it is searched for, someone you don’t even know may stumble upon your post and go and read. The more people you have reading the more chances you have of getting recommended for promotion, simple statistics.

So get your butt out there and start sharing you amazing articles, the world wants to see them!

Click here for a google+ cheat sheet and list of how to’s!

Ryan Cook

Ryan Cook