You know what’s worse than people protesting on Wall Street without a long-term plan for creating change? People complaining about those people from behind a keyboard.

I’m in this generation that’s supposedly unmotivated and lazy. I just don’t see it. I look around me and see other people in their 20s starting successful (as in income-generating) blogs, real businesses, and advocating for the change they want to see in the world.

But I also see people twice my age complaining about my generation (and the world in general) without offering any advice. Not even a few inspirational words. It’s irritating because these people are supposed to be role models. What have you done that gives you the right to criticize people who are trying to make a difference?

Put aside whether or not it’s accomplishing anything. We’ll get to that.

These people are trying. They want to change the world. And all you can do is throw barbs from the safety of your computer.

So what if they’re doing it wrong? They’re giving it a shot. Tell them, in the most civil and productive terms you know, how to do it if you think you know better.


Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson