Nikki Haley demonstrates why I can’t stand Republicans:

Haley said two weeks ago she’d been told that of hundreds of job applicants at the Savannah River Site, a nuclear reservation owned by the U.S. Energy Department, half failed a drug test. But Jim Giusti, a spokesman for Energy Department, told HuffPost that of the workers hired over the past few years, less than 1 percent failed a test. Additionally, only new hires — not applicants — have to submit to testing in the first place.

So far, just the usual dishonest Republican smears against the unemployed that we’ve come to expect.  Haley finally admitted that there was no factual basis for her claim, and then explained that she’s “never felt like I had to back up what people tell me,” because she just assumes that everyone who tells her anything must be honest and well-informed.

Okay, fine, she’s lazy and gullible and happy to jump on whatever talking point gets floated her way.  But now that she has finally seen the light and realized that the factoid she says she’s used “a million times” as justification for drug-testing unemployed people is complete hooey?

[E]ven though the claim has proven false and Haley has promised not to repeat it, the governor said she still wants drug tests tied to jobless benefits and a revamped job training program.

There you have it.  Even after Republicans’ zombie lies are exposed and debunked, they still base policy on them like nothing ever happened.  Sure, unemployed people aren’t all (okay, half) drug addicts, but someone once told Haley they were, and that’s all that matters.  See also: Voter fraud.