Occupy Wall Street put up a tarp overnight. Using trees in the park, the occupation erected a structure, which inevitably meant the New York Police Department was going to tell them immediately this morning they had five minutes to take all tarps down. The protesters opted to hold an emergency assembly to discuss whether to cede to police orders or not. They democratically in the quickest way possible tried to arrive at a consensus. But, there was no consensus before police marched in and began to take control of the situation.

Video shows police attacking the camp. At least two people were arrested. One tried to obtain clarification from the police on what was wanted and that person was arrested. A portion of the video shows police throwing some protesters around and wrestling another person who was arrested to the ground. By definition, attack is not hyperbole. The police used a megaphone to tell the encampment that they needed to take tarps down but did not deliver an order signifying anyone would be under arrest and held responsible for “not properly” complying.

FDL has been doing coverage for the past three days now, since the action began. For anyone who is unaware of what Occupy Wall Street happens to be, here is a good explainer for anyone looking to get a grasp of the basic details.

The live blog will now continue. And, here is a Twitter list to follow for the best updates on Occupy Wall Street.


5:10 PM Cornel West supports:

4:00 PM Protest to happen in support of Troy Davis, who is scheduled to be executed tomorrow despite the overwhelming evidence that he may have not committed the murder of which he was convicted:

3:50 PM I just put up a post on Troy Davis. Occupy Wall Street protesters will be showing solidarity at 4:30 pm with an emergency protest. This post looks at how the United Nations Special Rapporteur Philip Alston urged the US government not to let Georgia execute Davis back in 2008.

3:43 PM Protester not in critical condition. None are seriously injured from arrests, though the police were rough on those they arrested (but not as brutal as BART police and definitely not like Mubarak’s security forces or the police in Paris that have been hitting protesters with batons.)

Brutality: It’s All Relative — (Think that’s an NYPD/CIA motto.)

3:40 PM Yahoo! is not censoring. Spam filter was not setup correctly.

3:30 PM March to Wall Street in progress.

2:00 PM Yahoo! censorship of Occupy Wall Street? EFF, ACLU will have their best people involved in all aspects of this before things are over, I suspect.

1:18 PM A protester that was arrested is in critical condition, @OccupyWallSt confirms.

1:00 PM What is playing on LiveStream is the last footage that will be seen (for now). Police seized the equipment being used to broadcast footage from the scene. There are lawyers at the occupation site right now who are willing to represent the entire occupation pro bono.

12:25 PM Michael Moore on Rachel Maddow last night: Occupy Wall Street protests won’t be going away

12:20 PM Lawyer explains filing against police [this is why I am blogging this action and defend anyone trying to mount an occupation anywhere in the US]. Lawyer Sam Cohen says, “We believe what is going on here represents the core of freedom of expression/association guaranteed by the US Constitution.”

12:00 PM Civil rights lawyers are now on the scene and preparing to file a complaint or suit. @USDOR reports “Under zoning code, Zuccotti Park is a public space, does not need permit for assembly.”

11:47 AM Best video of the police raid on the camp this morning. This is much harder to do if more people support the occupation. The answer to this police conduct is not to be frightened. The appropriate response, if in the NYC area, is to go to the park and join the occupation. You don’t have to sleep there overnight but spend some time showing you support the risks people are taking.

11:10 AM Time to make phone calls to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office. The number is 212-NEW YORK (212-639-9695). One of the people occupying Wall Street had tooth knocked out when thrown to ground by police:

The word is Bloomberg’s office is refusing to make a statement. That doesn’t mean the people who are appalled at this should not make phone calls.

11:00 AM Raw footage of arrests from today uploaded by @korgasm to YouTube

10:58 AM FDL user TarHeelDem’s important diary on why all student loans should be forgiven

10:55 AM Resolve.

By the way, in the midst of all this police action, Rev. Jesse Jackson declares support for the occupation on Democracy Now! this morning.

10:50 AM This photo comes from a couple hours ago when police first entered the camp. They’ve entered the camp twice. This is police dragging a protester off of a tarp on the ground.

10:39 AM This is not the end of the occupation. No indication from those there that this is over. Hopefully legal observers are on scene soon to help de-escalate. Two were arrested, not several. Only a handful of people have been arbitrarily targeted. This seems to be just a show of control on the part of NYPD, a reminder of who is boss. Protesters have been extremely compliant and even deferential. It is worth noting that worldwide support increases with each act of disruption the police commit. Pizza orders for the day should go up along with donations for purchasing any needed supplies.

10:30 AM Report from @NYCSep17—multiple tweets communicate: The police have taken out a large number of flex cuffs. Tarps were taken off of the media center and seized by police. The people occupying are taking clothes and putting the clothes over media equipment. Park is being dispersed. About 30 police came into the park and took over. A small march took off toward Wall Street about a half hour before this all happened.

10:28 AM Photo of police overrunning the camp:

10:26 AM Here are photos coming from the scene unfolding right now:

10:20 AM Police are raiding the camp. Tarps were taken off of the media equipment they were protecting by police. Seeing reports on arrests. More confirmed reports to be posted soon.

9:50 AM Raining now in NYC. Protesters wearing ponchos. Tarps covering up gear.

8:10 AM An NYPD mobile communications truck showed up some time over the last 12 hours:

8:45 AM Where things are at:

8:30 AM Police arrested at least two or three people early in the morning. They came into the camp and took control of everything. Those in the camp were peaceful. No one tried to fight the police. Video being replayed on Livestream shows what happened and this incident is summarized at the top of the live blog.

Summary of Day Three

It looks like the occupation will be around for a number of days. They are getting donations for pizza along with donations to purchase other much needed items. The General Assembly is working. Those in Liberty Park are coming together and deliberating about key issues that need to be resolved and addressed so the occupation can continue. There may have been a few hiccups (like, why was someone smoking near a gas can?) but those mounting this occupation have created a very real opening for something amazing to develop. In the face of NYPD deciding to use a law from 1845 to arrest people wearing masks, they have maintained their cool and been patient and cooperative. There is worldwide support out there for what those “occupying Wall Street” are trying to do (in quotes because police are not letting them hold any area that is actually on Wall Street).

-A nod from Michael Moore:

-New York Daily News produces one excellent video representing some of the key motivations for holding the occupation:


-Liberato’s Pizza, where supporters of the occupation have been ordering pizza to donate to the protesters, names a pizza in honor of Occupy Wall Street: It is called The Occu-Pie. The pizza is 99% cheese and 1% pig.

-Footage of arrests that took place yesterday:

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola

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