Jackass Obama
MTV presents the latest version of the popular show, Jackass, this time starring members of the Obama administration, including such luminaries as Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, Vice President Joe “Boney Ass” Biden, Senior Advisor David Axelrod, The Great Eleven-Dimensional Chess Leader and Bait and Switch Operator, hanger-on and court jester David “Wee Brain” Gregory, Secretary of State Hillary “Boom” Clinton, Secretary of the Treasury Tim “Tim-O” Geithner, and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

Jackass Obama Wright
Obama, Rahmbo, and Boney Ass enjoy the sport of throwing people under the buffalo. Van Jones and Shirley Sherrod also were invited to play.

jackass obama fucking retarded
Jackass Obama prepares for some relaxing target practice as pal David Axelrod explains how to belatedly feign populist stands that will never pass in Congress* in order to fool his base into voting for him once again.

*See www.vastleft.com 9/20/11

Jackass Obama Bush dancing
Obama and the jackass gang join George Bush in a dance of solidarity in silver Goldman Sachs thongs. The Chris Pontius-style bacchanalian dance in the streets of NYC celebrates the brilliant and just policy known as “look forward, not backwards.” Wee Brain, whose dance with Karl Rove at the Correspondents’ Dinner lit the Potomac on fire, happily joins in.

Jackass Hillary Clinton
Hillary “Boom” Clinton prepares to bring shock and awe to some lucky people somewhere in the world, who will no doubt welcome us with open arms and flowers.

Jackass devil geithner
Tim-O plays the part of the devil. It’s a big stretch.

jackass cart obama
Obama and the jackasses careen into the future, Obama, as usual, leading from behind. Joe Klein tags along in hopes of finding a beltway cocktail party along the way.

Presumptuous Insect

Presumptuous Insect