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Water Cooler – Can Republicans Be any more Clueless how they Look?

So much of politics is about perception. The fact that working class people keep voting Republicans into office even when they candid about not wanting to do anything for those voters shows just how perception can trump reality.

Which is why is beyond mystifying why rich Republicans keep doing everything they can to show they are in no way shape or form like the working class. Today’s Jethro is Rep. John Fleming.

This fellow is a multimillionaire and he went on MSNBC this morning and claimed that after he pays for the expenses of his 500 person company, that all he is left with is a mere $400,000 a year and that is hardly enough to feed his family.

Now I know there are readers here who have not been employed for a very long time and have made the best of their meager money to keep body and soul together who would love to have 400K to play with, just once, not every year.

This yahoo was complaining that “job creators” should not be taxed more than they are now because it is unfair to them. This same Jethro makes more than 8 times the median household income. And that is before is 174,000 a year Congressional salary.

It is no secret that most of the members of the House and Senate are wealthy. There are far more than the normal distribution of millionaires in their ranks. And I don’t even begrudge them that, they have a job we have decided as a nation to pay well for, so it is not surprising. But it is beyond unseemly for these people to say they are in any way underpaid or over taxed.

And this is not the only time this year that Republicans have done this. Rep. Steve Southerland complained that his Congressional salary was inadequate for the “hours” he works. How many people who work the night shift or have to put in long hours would love to get the kind 174, 000 annual salary of a Congressman? I sure would.

This is the thing that voters really need to get their heads around. Anyone that would complain about this kind of money is not one of the working class. They have priorities that are not even close to the normal citizen. They earn more than three times the median salary and many more times than that of poverty level, which 16% of the nation is now below.

But there is something you can do. Here is Reps. Southerland and Fleming’s office numbers, why don’t you give them a call and tell them exactly how much you feel for them that they only make 300 to 800% of what the average family makes in a year.

Rep. John Fleming – (202) 225-2777
Rep. Steve Southerland – (202) 225-5235

Be sure to be polite but also be sure to let them know that they are insulting tens of millions of American citizens by bitching about their good fortune.

What is on your minds tonight Firedogs? The floor is yours

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Bill Egnor

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