"Tax Bill  - Ouch" by classblog on flickr

"Tax Bill - Ouch" by classblog on flickr

As property values continue to tank in parts of the US in some areas property taxes rise and homeowners are left holding the bag as towns and cities lose their tax base and state/federal funding.

Case in point Mesa and the Southeast Valley in Arizona.

According to an article in The East Valley Tribune homeowners are in shock as they begin to receive their new tax bills which in many cases have risen while property values have declined. As reported most of tax increases are due to higher rates in school districts, commercial property values also tanking and as the Legislature reduced commercial tax burdens while also reducing school funding.

Mesa resident Ed Shepherd said his bill went up $600 – a 30 percent increase. He searched values on surrounding neighborhoods and became even more frustrated when he saw some tax bills barely increased. And his brother in Scottsdale only had a 2 percent increase, he said.

“I’m a retired guy. That’s why this upsets me so much,” he said. “I don’t have a whole lot of money coming in. I don’t have a way to dig up $600.”

One commentor to the article wrote, Our taxes went up even on a 30 Year Old Mobile home!! The thing that really ticks me off is that the County continually accesses our place at about $3000.00 more than we could ever hope to sell it for! I disputed it a couple of years ago, but they wouldn’t change it. Can’t figure how they come up with their valuations? In the meantime we’re paying too much on the place in taxes to begin with!

While another had this to say, My property is worth $29,000. The county values it at $160,000, the tax is over $2000. Will the county buy it from me? I will give you a deal.


Lyndon Evans

Lyndon Evans