Liberato’s Pizza has now officially renamed a pizza after the Occupy Wall Street action happening in a park in lower Manhattan in New York. The pizza is called The Occu-pie and it is 99% cheese, 1% pig.

For anyone going, what is Occupy Wall Street? It is an occupation being maintained by hundreds of US citizens in Zuccotti Park, a private park, that the protesters have renamed Liberty Park. The organizers are using the format known as General Assembly to facilitate organizing. [For more info on that, watch organizer David Graeber talk on Democracy Now!] Through the General Assembly, people make proposals for actions that are deliberated on and then approved or not approved. This is how they decide when to march, whether to comply with police orders, how to raise funds for food, how to get more people to support the occupation and how best to get items donated that the occupation needs to continue.

There is supposedly a direct action that will be happening this evening. Here’s a post from today on how crucial pizza could be to the occupation.

Firedoglake has been live blogging the action since Day One. I put together a list on Twitter to follow that has users that are constantly sending updates from the action. [Send any reports, tips or updates to ]

Here is a livestream of the action from Global Revolution:

10:40 PM Time to bring tonight’s live blog to a close so here’s the update —

It looks like the occupation will be around for a number of days. They are getting donations for pizza along with donations to purchase other much needed items. The General Assembly is working. Those in Liberty Park are coming together and deliberating about key issues that need to be resolved and addressed so the occupation can continue. There may have been a few hiccups (like, why was someone smoking near a gas can?) but those mounting this occupation have created a very real opening for something amazing to develop. There is worldwide support out there for what those “occupying Wall Street” are trying to do (in quotes because police are not letting them hold any area that is actually on Wall Street).

This action is for the disillusioned in America. The people who are saddled with student loans, those who were laid off as a result of the bailouts and Americans who are part of the poor and working class who are increasingly being asked to shoulder the burden of inequality in America while the corporate elite enjoy control over the direction of politics and wallow in their greed and excess purchased as a result of the wealth they have made from playing the stock market as if it is a poker machine.

Check back tomorrow for Day Four of FDL’s continuing coverage of Occupy Wall Street.

10:35 PM A nod from Michael Moore:

10:30 PM Class war debate, through music by The Kinks

10:00 PM New York Daily News produces one excellent video representing some of the key motivations for holding the occupation:

9:45 PM

8:00 PM No direct action. Dancing though.

7:42 PM Nice set of photos from Day 3 taken by Paul Weiskel. Here are a few of them:

7:39 PM Some structure being instituted.

7:17 PM Why do police think they have the authority to arrest protesters wearing masks? The Gothamist reports NYPD is citing an 1845 law:

The anti-mask statute was passed as a response to the actions of rabble-rousing renters, seeking to prevent “distress sales” of their property by their landlords, dressing up as “Indians” to protect their rights and property. N.Y. Penal Law §?240.35(4) cropped back up in the news 11 years ago, when the KKK petitioned to wear masks protesting in the city. They were prohibited from doing so because of the statute, and sued. The USDC for the Southern District of New York sided with the KKK, and ruled the law unconstitutional, but not before protesters were arrested in 2002 for the same offense.

6:50 PM Scant reporting coming out on the status of the march on Wall Street. Getting hints from messages that protesters are being corralled and blocked off by police but no sense of whether an organized direct action is to take place.

6:45 PM List of things the occupation needs and encourages people to donate or help them raise money to purchase.

6:35 PM Video of march to Wall Street.

6:25 PM Good explainer for anyone looking to get a grasp of the basic details on Occupy Wall Street. Alyson Ann Cina writes:

We are using the global tactics of the Arab Spring, and of the 2011 Spain “Democracy Now” movement: first, a large-scale occupation and protest. Second, we aim to propose a series of solutions to these problems through grassroots participatory democracy based on people’s assemblies and consensus decision making.

Citizens are taking democracy to the streets, and they are not leaving any time soon. This is not a one-day protest. The occupation is scheduled to continue for the next month at least.

6:17 PM March stepping off. May end with direct action.

6:10 PM Occupation has gas confiscated by police and now is asking for gas donation.

5:50 PM Bullying from police

5:47 PM Solidarity with bank whistleblowers

5:30 PM Unintentional comic relief –

4:46 PM Following the action closely… Direct action committee is meeting now and developing plans for a march on Wall Street that is likely to lead to confrontation with police.

Earlier updates from the day’s live blog

4:18 PM General Assembly shows how this occupation is maturing. Organizers have called upon people to make sure they are giving National Lawyers Guild plenty of notification before taking off on marches. They also are letting others know that arrests may make good video but if they post the video that can be used against the person being arrested. Therefore, they should get consent from those who were arrested first before posting.

4:00 PM Okay — this blog announced at 3:30 PM a direct action would happen but the action didn’t happen. The General Assembly is taking place and after the Direct Action Committee will meet. They will develop plans for the march. Then the direct action will happen about 4:30 or 5 pm.

The National Lawyers Guild (people who wear green hats at protests and act as legal observers) have expressed frustration that marches are spontaneously happening and they cannot get observers down to scene in time to help defend rights of protesters from arrests. Protesters are working on doing better at planning ahead.

3:40 PM Everything appears to be behind schedule about a half hour. The direct action was to be in progress. But, the General Assembly has to happen first. A group has not stepped off yet so I suspect we have until 4:15 PM ET. Then, direct action may take place.

3:39 PM Jason, who was arrested for “chalking” earlier, claims on Livestream from occupation site that police basically told him it was “bullshit” to have been arrested. It took an hour for him to be processed. Some officers told him after he was done at the station how to get back to the park area. And, here’s some important news: Some working for NYPD told them that the public-private nature of the park means the police cannot really do anything to get rid of those camping.

3:18 PM Two injured in police brutality in “Walk to Brussels” action in France. The organizers were going to set up an encampment. The police surrounded the demonstrators: gasses and batons were used on them. Here’s video feed. Organizers were expressing solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.

Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola

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