Getting to Know You

I recently volunteered to make calls for the FDL Membership Engagement Team.  But I didn’t know what I would encounter when I made that first phone call to an FDL member.  I got an answering machine, and then another one.  By the time I got through my first batch of contacts, I had spoken with about half of them.

One member was a real estate professional with ground level experience in the sub prime mortgage debacle.  The member watched helplessly as clients purchased houses with what would eventually become toxic mortgages and wound up helping others through the inevitable foreclosures a few years later.

Two others were retired career military men.  Both had combat experience in the military adventurism of the last thirty years and both had solid progressive attitudes across a wide spectrum of issues.  Most unexpected to me was their recognition of the need for real health care reform in the face of the accruing future costs of caring for the health of our veterans.  Both had stories to tell that more of us need to hear.

If you are already a member at FDL, you may get a call from someone on the Membership Engagement Team.  We are calling members because we want to welcome you to our community and get to know you.  We may encourage you to take another active step like register on the site if you aren’t already.

Maybe you are registered and visit regularly but have yet to add your voice to the conversation.  Go ahead; add a comment to that article that got under your skin.   The author will surely appreciate the feed back even if you choose to disagree.  Even a “Good article, thanks for posting!” comment is welcomed.

Maybe you have a thought that has grown into a reasoned argument on a topic that resonates within you.  Maybe you are angry about some thing and want to rant.  Perhaps, you have specific knowledge on some subject that you would like to share.  If you are registered, you can post a diary at MY FDL.

A funny thing happens to me when I volunteer for something.  I end up feeling that I am getting much more back than I put in.   I applied for FDL’s Membership Engagement Team because I had some time to give, some skills that fit and I wanted to do something to help a group that is dedicated to advancing positions that I believe in.  In return, I have met some truly inspiring and amazing people.

It is time to get back to my phone and start dialing.  Remember, the next time your phone rings and caller ID displays a number you don’t recognize,  it might be me or one of my team members welcoming you to FDL.  Go ahead, pick up and chat.  I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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