Midwestern rube Cap’n Ed Morrissey is all “Jeezy pete, you guys! Even Chicago is turning on the black guy.”:

It’s one thing for John Fund, Allahpundit, or me to speculate on whether Barack Obama will bother running for a second term. It’s another when one of the editors of a home-town newspaper tells a President to pull out. Stephen Chapman of the Chicago Tribune’s editorial board writes in today’s paper that it’s time for the battered champ to hang ‘em up:

Really? A guy who has written for The American Spectator, The Weekly Standard, Reason, and National Review thinks that Obama should step aside? Who could have seen that coming?

Ed adds:

I’ve said repeatedly that I think a withdrawal by Obama is a low-probability event at best, and I still believe it to be a long shot. However, when the home-town papers are starting to make the call for retirement, it’s maybe not quite as much of a long shot as before.

Coming up next, Ed posts something that begins with “Even Fred Hiatt of the liberal Washington Post sez…”

Bonus: I had to go look for a pix of ole Cap’n Ed and, well, this has to be seen to be believed.

Sweet Jeebus…. Honestly, words fail.



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