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About Those Talking Heads

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Today’s bobbleheads include the architects of almost everything that’s wrong with American foreign and domestic policy. Mass arrests should follow, or failing that, we should see a large spike in prices for tomatoes.

CBS will continue to shame and soil its network by featuring Dick Cheney, the man who lied us into a war that killed or maimed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions, then covered up this crime by making war criminals, torturers, kidnappers and inhumane jailers of others.  Dick Cheney is a serial liar and the man who outed a CIA agent and let his lapdog take the hit.

CBS precedes that shameful appearance with President Clinton, the man who made it okay to disrespect poor people and whose economic advisers set the foundation for the financial collapse and looting of America.  After all of Bill Clinton’s economic ideas led to predictable catastrophe during the Bush Administration, many of the same Clinton advisers returned in the Obama Administration to clean/cover up the mess and keep the perpetrators in power.

Other shows will feature various lapdog cheerleaders — Lindsey Graham, Tony Blair, Dick Durbin, Paul Ryan, Douglas Holtz-Eakins — for all of these foreign and economic disasters.  But no one in the current Administration will be asked to defend their policy failures or their recent attempts to turn it around.

Note the general absence of women (except for Jen Granholm and the safe deficit scold, Alice Rivlin),  genuine progressives, anyone who got the economic policies right, anyone who can call out the serial liars and war criminals, anyone who can advocate and defend doing the right thing now on any front.  If you were only watching these pathetic shows, you’d think there is no economic crisis, no financial crisis, no jobs crisis, no climate crisis, no crisis in getting emergency relief to the millions suffering from all these catastrophes — in short, a complete breakdown in responsible, accountable, humane government.  We’re watching a total failure of America’s elite media to cover and explain what matters.

Instead, it’s Sunday with the criminal class on television, another version of CSI but without any genuine I, but if you wait long enough, you can watch a sport in which grown men act out their violent fantasies while millions cheer.

ABC and CNN notice that the Palestinian authorities are finally holding Israel and the West accountable for their decades-long refusal to recognize the legitimate national interests of the Palestinian people. The US and Tony Blair are frantically trying to avoid being embarrassed by the Palestinians, who are demanding the West actually implement the policies they’ve hypocritically claimed to support.

Update: Just watched Lindsey Graham lie and dodge every question.  He misrepresents the tax on millionaires (“class warfare!”) and repeated the GOP misrepresentation about who pays taxes in America — it’s those poor rich people, while those undeserving poor pay nothing! — ignoring payroll taxes.  Crowley apparently doesn’t know about this con and doesn’t challenge.

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