And this doesn’t only apply to North Carolina. Take any state with professional bible-beaters in place and look at its Tea Party or Libertarian mouthpieces — the whole government intrusion mantra completely unravels into bullsh*ttery in a hot minute once any discussion related to TEH GAYZ comes up.  of NC Policy Watch’s blog, Progressive Pulse, gives you some insight into the mental gymnastics going on at the various “think tanks.” He asked this question:

Isn’t there one brave “libertarian” amongst you with the courage to stand up and speak out publicly, directly and forcefully for freedom and against the tyranny on display in the North Carolina General Assembly this week?  Just one?

Crickets chirped for a while and then came an answer so full of EPIC batsh*ttery that you must protect your keyboards.

According to the piece, Raleigh’s News & Observer is wrong to attack the marriage limitation amendment as a “big government” infringement on privacy rights because marriage itself amounts to big government. Thus, by limiting marriage rights, conservatives in the General Assembly are actually halting the spread of big government.

We’re not making this up.

Apparently, it is the author’s actual position (as well as one of his colleague’s — whose 2004 article on the subject is cited)  that state-sanctioned marriage itself should be abolished. This is from the article received from these folks this morning:

“In the marriage amendment debate, the underlying problem for gays is the institution of marriage itself in this country. Marriage is not simply the ability to get married in a ceremony where two people agree to spend their lives with each other. If it were, gays already would have the same rights as everyone else. Instead, marriage has become about government-benefits (and other benefits, such as societal recognition) that arise from receiving a government-issued marriage license.”

WTF is that? That reality hoop jumping is about right for these particular hypocrites; they know state-sanctioned civil marriage isn’t going anywhere. I presume that none of these professional libertarians are married, since the institution itself infringes on freedom, and that none of them are taking any of the tax benefits of civil marriage. Please.


Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding