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Saturday Art: Haydn Piano Trio “Gipsy”

TRIO DALI – Haydn Piano Trio “Gipsy” N°39 in G major, Hoboken Catalogue XV/25, composed  1795

I really like this Piano Trio A) Because it’s very fun to play. Doable, with a great result and B) It shows “Papa” Haydn at the top of his game, and pulling some unusual tricks, even for him!

Fun! Those little places that sort of seem to slow down and take a little breath, and then accelerate? That’s what gives it that Zigeuner or Gypsy flavor. Those little tricks are referred to as rubato and accelerando respectively, and normally do not occur in much of Haydn’s or for that matter Mozart’s music. (Except for the Operas.)

Now about the performers: Trio Dali, from Paris:

The Trio Dali is resident at the Singer-Polignac Foundation in Paris. The “Leverhulme Fellowship” at the Royal Academy of Music in London accords the Trio a residence and teaching assignments within the prestigious institution.

The trio’s name is a reference to the precious Asiatic marble from the Chinese city of Dali, a material that is progressively and fastidiously carved to produce works of art. This work, this thoughtful and creative shaping, the symbols of Dali’s marble, reflects the Trio’s essential musical values.

Vineta Sareika plays a Matteo Goffriller violin made in 1690 on loan from the Queen Elisabeth Music Foundation and Christian-Pierre La Marca a “Matteo Goffriller” cello of 1700 having belonged to the famous Amadeus Quartet.

So fathom that; the string instruments themselves are nearly 100 years older than the composition! But these young and fresh performers and their quick and intelligent approaches to this music are quite refreshing. I’m looking forward to these folks careers developing.

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Kelly Canfield

Kelly Canfield