This posting is not about getting birthday well wishes, anything but, it is however a celebration of making it to another birthday when the possibility came crashing down on August 23.

I’ve led a charmed life as far as health goes. I went to the emergency room once when I was a kid to get stitches in my head when my sled decided to hit a tree that wouldn’t move and scrapped my left ear.

I pulled my groin the one and only time I tried snow skiing back in the late 70’s.

I had a kidney stone (yes the pain is everything people describe as worse than giving birth) 10 years ago.

Outside of that until March of this year the only time I went into the hospital was to visit someone.

In March I was in a car accident caused by passing out due to a food allergy. Thankfully my car was going slow at the time. However I managed to severely dislocate my right hip so much so Danbury Hospital where I was taken to shuttled me off to Yale-Hew Haven Hospital once I was stabilized. Several days after, and there was a delay due to some things which had to be taken care of first, my blood pressure was very high, I had some pneumonia due to having a bad chest cold two weeks earlier and a couple of other things, I was operated on to repair the damage and put my hip back in place.

However when I went back for my first followup a month later, x-rays showed the hip was trying to dislocate so a second surgery was needed and I was given an artificial hip. It’s been a long road with the new hip even with exercising the leg everyday and still needing a four-legged cane to walk with so I don’t limp. More and more in order to strengthen the leg and hip I do walk without the cane around the house and a bit at work when I returned 3 months after the accident but many have told me it will take a good deal of time to “walk normally”.

At least I’ve gone from sleeping in a recliner to being able to have a good night’s sleep hugging a pillow and finding a comfortable way to rest my leg at night. I thought I had my health issues behind me until out of the blue last month I had a heart attack, the widow maker as it is called. I helped myself by calling 911 within minutes of the first chest pain and getting help from EMTs and then the ER again at Danbury Hospital. Within an hour of first feeling the chest pain they were working on me with an angioplasty and putting a stent in the clogged artery.

It was during this time, while sitting in the recliner with chest pain and through the first day in ICU I wondered if I would make it to see my 58th birthday. All the time I thought of my best friend and soulmate who suffered a heart attack five years ago and didn’t make it. This the friend who said we would growup to be grumpy old men sharing a home, rocking back and forth on the front porch as we watched the girls go by. More than once I thought to myself, Billy I’ll be joining you soon.

But Billy and the Big Kahuna weren’t quite ready to bring me upstairs.

And so it is I’ve made it to 58 today. With at least two more weeks of med leave I look back at all I would have missed had I not made it. Aside of course from family, friends and co-workers, there is just to much going on in politics for this political junkie to miss.

Nope call me home Big Kahuna someday if you must but at least wait for another 20 years or so and when hopefully the political landscape will be as boring as watching two turtles having sex. Then I might be ready to say Hi again to Billy. I’m sure he won’t mind waiting.

So it is that tomorrow, Sunday and to celebrate my birthday a day late I’m going to try to drive for the first time in 6 months. To see if I’ve regained enough left to right and back mobility in my leg to work the gas and brake pedals plus how it will feel getting in and out of the driver side butt first and how comfortable my leg will be.

Don’t worry folks you’re in no danger. I’ll be testing my leg driving around my neighborhood.

It’s good to be around for another birthday, watching politicos and having Billy keeping an eye on me.

Lyndon Evans

Lyndon Evans