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Late Night FDL: Xyzzy Gaming

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Years and years and years ago, my cousin Betsy and my brother both lived up in Vermont. The rest of us ventured up there every Thanksgiving for good eats, good drinks and good company.  It really was the classic over-the-river-and-through-the woods holiday.

Betsy was a computer scientist working out of a lab at Dartmouth College and one fateful year she introduced me to the computer game Adventure – now known as Colossal Cave Adventure. Mind you, there was no monitor connected to her terminal, these were the days pre-PC, it was all text and imagination.  But I was instantly hooked on those twisty mazes of little passages, I played and played and played all through that weekend until early Sunday morning when I blew the fuse. ‘Twas a landmark event that no one in my family has let me forget *g*.

But since those wee early days, I really haven’t played many computer games. I did buy a Gateway computer back when they were the bees knees, and I ordered MYST, but I never did fire it up (wonder if it would work on Windows Vista?). Supposedly there was something special about that Gateway operating system that maximized the visual effects (needless to say, that cow spotted computer has long gone to the great abattoir in the sky).

I have played Jewel Quest and the mah jongg, plus a few other simple games; but what games do you guys play? Mass Effect? The Space Adventure?  Anyone into World of Warcraft? I’m curious how one even dips a toe into that game.

How about poker or blackjack online?  Bridge maybe?  Computer versions of board games?

What do you play to refresh and relax after a long day at work?  My bored curious mind wants to know.

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