Israeli leaders said that this gesture was sure to show the entire world that Israel is serious about making peace with the Palestinian people.

Thursday morning, Sep. 15, 2011, without notice, Israeli military bulldozers demolished a home and water cistern in Al Aqaba, leaving 22 people, including 12 children, homeless.  The military bulldozers also ripped deep trenches through Peace Street — for the 2nd time — and destroyed another of Al Aqaba’s roads, deeply impacting the ability of our school bus to get nearly 200 children to and from school. – Actual email from “The Rebuilding Alliance

“If United Nations does not see now that we are serious about getting an agreement now with this latest gesture, then tell us, what would?” said an unnamed and fictional government spokesman.

The sarcasm is mine, the human rights violations are real. So is the strong support of the Obama administration (and Congress)  in its deliberate lack of intervention in supporting the rights of Palestinians. While giving lip-service to a “two-state solution”, the reality is that Israel, with US acquiescence, continues to destroy Palestinian homes.

Summer of Demolitions

September 7th, 2011 

By Itay Epshtain

First published in Palestine News, Autumn 2011.

Hours after his modest home was demolished by Israeli bulldozers, Khaled Abdallah Ali Ghazal stands astride the wreckage in the scorching desert heat and vows to hold on. “We have nowhere else to go, we will rebuild,” he says. For hundreds like him in the Jordan Valley, this is the reality of what the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions calls “the summer of demolitions.”

The Jordan Valley has always captured the imagination of travellers and pilgrims who alluded to its biblical representation as lush, fertile land. And indeed, the area enjoys abundant water as a third of the West Bank underground aquifer lies beneath it.  However, the unholy reality of the Jordan Valley is one of segregation and land-and-water resource apartheid.

While illegal Jewish settlements dot the landscape with thriving date plantations and vineyards, Palestinian communities are struggling for shelter, drinking water and rudimentary healthcare and education. In Israel’s policy of colonization, the summer of 2011 has set an all-time high in the expansion of settlements at the expense of Palestinian communities… More here

While 81 (EIGHTY-ONE, – COUNT ‘EM!) distinguished members of the House of corporate and warmongering pay-by-the-hour Servants (known as “congressional representatives”) went to Israel courtesy of AIPAC this summer, you can be damn sure they are not going to do anything about this. You can also be sure that Obama, who needs to raise a Billion dollars for his re-election campaign, will also do nothing. He follows the money, and there ain’t much campaign money in peace.

So it is up to us. Tell your friends and neighbors what is really happening in Occupied Palestine. How Israel continues to wage war against an unarmed people, using our tax money.  We need to build homes in Southside of Chicago, West Oakland, South Los Angeles (places your congressman would not visit this summer)… not destroy homes in the West Bank. We need to End the $3 Billion annual subsidy to Israel as it continues to destroy the possibility for peace. We need to expose and confront AIPAC, a lobby for war and occupation at every available opportunity.

jim harris

jim harris