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Ford’s No Bailout Ad Is A Stroke of Genius

Apparently this commercial has been around awhile given it was posted to YouTube back in May however last night was the first time I had seen the ad. Having worked in broadcasting and among other things commercials, when the ad finished I said to the TV …. “brilliant”.

In Ford’s series of “Drive One” with real Ford owners and surprise news conference commercials, Ford takes dead aim, without mentioning names, at General Motors and Chrysler for taking bailout money from the government while Ford stood on its own two feet to keep going in bad economic times.

Whether this ad translates into folks going in and buying a Ford is most likely hard to say but here’s a company which has taken an episode of our economic times in the United States to knock it’s competition in similar fashion as Walter Mondale did in 1984 during his debate with Gary Hart when Mondale said to Hart “where’s the beef” the then popular ad slogan of Burger King.

As I said “brilliant”.

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Lyndon Evans

Lyndon Evans