I made an online petition to urge Congress to pass legislation to drastically reform rules regarding the legal bribery of elected officials known as lobbying.

The goal is for Congress to pass a law requiring all contact with lobbyists to be made public in its entirety to include minutes of all such contact. Furthermore, to designate any contact with lobbyists outside of official channels to be grounds for removal from office. I know, hopeless right? But I made the petition anyway, and I urge anyone with a minute or two to spare to please sign the petition and ask someone else to sign it as well.  It certainly can’t hurt!

Here is the text of the petition:

The lobby system in the U.S. is an obvious form of legal bribery, I challenge any member of the U.S. Congress to go on record and deny this very simple fact.  For too long, corporations and special interest groups with deep pockets have used favors, jobs, campaign contributions, and other forms of legal bribery to achieve undue influence with members of both houses of the U.S. Congress.

This influence far exceeds the access the average citizen has to their elected officials. This is completely unacceptable, and destructive to democracy and the health of our nation.  Because of this undue influence, the nation suffers tremendously.

The U.S. Congress should pass legislation requiring all contact with lobbyists by members of Congress be done in an official capacity making all minutes available to the public. furthermore, any contact outside of official channels should be made grounds for immediate removal from office.

Making sure that elected officials represent the interests of their actual constituents, and not very wealthy individuals or multinational corporations should be an issue that Republican, Democrat, Liberal or Conservative can agree on.

Please sign this petition and let’s send a message to Congress that the days of accepting legal bribery as a means for the powerful to circumvent our democracy is over.

You can sign the petition here.

Please copy the text of the petition, add or delete info as you desire, and email your congressperson.