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Over the years living behind the “New Iron Curtain” we have become accustom and even ( dare I say) complacent with a certain amount of censorship. Some even go so far as to say, “there are things we should not know”. Like “Mafia Wives”, we for a time enjoyed the spoils unimaginable brutality guaranteed, and rarely had to suffer “blow back” in our home: that is until 9/11!

While watching the CNN Tea Party Republican debates a few nights ago Wolf Blitzer ask Ron Paul a rather mundane question concerning national defense. Ron Paul response (in my opinion) should have sparked a national debate concerning the way we view our national interest, the war on terrorism and ourselves as people! At a minimum Paul’s remarks should have gotten him lambasted by every corporate media outlet with a microphone!

Please take the 3 to 5 minutes to listen to Ron Paul’s statements and Rick Santorum’s standardized response: “they hate us for our freedoms!” The next few days after the debate have managed to “creep me out!” There has been a kind of DEAD ZONE created around (only) Ron Paul’s statements concerning national defense and why we were attacked on 9/11?
Paul’s other provocative statement concerning health care (or lack of) was enthusiastically covered by most of the “fake-liberal” info-tainment outlets: MSNBC, Obamabot fake -liberal radio (Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes…). The crowd cheering to “let him die” was the talk of the town; but not a word was uttered concerning Ron Paul’s courageous comments concerning why we were attacked on 9/11! None of the fake-liberals and Obamabots I mention above broke ranks and repeated “that which shall not be spoken”. Not even Democracy Now or FDL would touch Ron Paul’s comments on why we were attacked with “a ten foot pole!” Where the hell is Mike Malloy when we need him?

It’s is like waking up in Bizarro World surrounded by “Pod People!” Everyone seemed to have gotten the memo but me? For a while I thought I had lost my mind: but alas Kris here at FDL saved what is left of my sanity:

“Ron Paul, despite boos from the audience, told them the truth: that if China treated us the way we have treated other countries, occupying and bombing them, we would be furious, too. Also, that we bombed Iraq for 10 years, killing hundreds of thousands of people, put military bases in Saudi Arabia on land the Muslims consider holy, and help Israel victimize the Palestinians, and that made people in the Middle East understandably ANGRY. Rick Santorum said that the 9/11 attack was carried out because our culture is so much better than Muslim culture. Ron Paul said that we need to be honest with ourselves, and put ourselves in other people’s shoes. He said we should slash the military budget because it’s not about defense at all.
This clip really is worth watching. It is a weird experience to watch a politician (Ron Paul) speak, and realize that he just doesn’t bother to lie or backpedal, even if people are trying to drown him out by booing (planted shills, perhaps?). I think that explains the media blackout on Ron Paul.”

Could it be we cannot talk about what we are doing in the Middle East because if we do we can no longer claim victim-hood? It was and still is unthinkable to allow a “terrorist” (even the ones we put to death) a platform from which to tell their side of the story: “any last words?” We all have bought into this big lie of “plausible deniability” to maintain our innocence while we commit global mass murder for the corporate elite hopping as we slaughter millions for a few crumbs from their table!

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