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It will be interesting to see the turnout for today which marks the beginning of citizen’s occupation of Wall Street.  Among other things, it will demonstrate how far that Americans are willing to take their anger against rich Wall Street Investors who are driving our nation into an economic ditch.

I wish them all the luck, but if their Twitter is any prediction of their potential for success, it will be a bust.  At 7:05 Central time, this is what I found at their twitter site–a heartbeat that looks very slow to me.  Not a flatline but close.  Furthermore after the last one showing here, the next ones are 8 hours later.

SO, IF YOU LIVE IN THE NEW YORK AREA AND YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT WALL STREET INVESTORS’ UNDUE INFLUENCE OVER THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE, I SUGGEST THAT YOU GET DRESSED AND SHOW UP.  In addition to the beginning of the occupation of Wall Street, there are several Day of Rage Protests to be held in other cities all over the USA today.  For news and logistics, go here:


Things may not be bleak after all as I received this comment:    “I think you’re making the mistake I used to when I followed trending topics, by default Twitter only shows the TOP (by retweet) posts when looking at a tag. You have to click on the word “Top” and select “All”. Here’s a direct link:!/search/realtime/%23OCCUPYWALLSTREET
There are a TON of posts.”


Liz Berry

Liz Berry