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"God bless our brave oil billionaires" by Steve Rhodes on flickr

"God bless our brave oil billionaires" by Steve Rhodes on flickr

According to John Boehner, Job creators in America are essentially on strike because America isn’t a good place to do business anymore. I disagree. They aren’t on strike. They simply have nothing to offer America other than a great big “F*ck you!” when the president happens to be black. But let’s explore Boehner’s boner for wealthy strikers.

Chinese job creators are getting busy: the annual growth rate in China has come down to around 10% this year. So we know there is money to be made selling things in America. Job creators in India are doing pretty well, too: annual growth rate there is a mere 8%. Evidently American job creators have no lead left in their pencils. After all, they have direct access to a highly educated workforce; a compliant President willing to do their bidding (see here and here) or too weak to say no to Bill Daly; and Congressmen who will do pretty much anything for a little help in bed.

According to John Boehner, it is ok if wealthy Americans ignore the suffering around the country because they want deals like the one Paulson got for Goldman; they have the right to strike, whatever the consequences. It is ok for hedge fund managers to hide their money offshore even though they regularly get tax evasion amnesty and low tax rates, instead of investing that money in American ideas building American jobs. Boehner is cool with VC strikes.

If a fireman or a policeman or other public employee wants the right to strike, though, Conservatives howl in protest. I think I understand their point of view. Job Creators are to be revered. For example, when a boy is molested by his priest, that is clearly well within the rights of the (Blow) Job Creator, which is why Conservatives are unhappy to see victims of sexual abuse accusing the Pope of crimes against humanity.

I know what I’d like to say to conservatives like John Boehner (and his fellow Blow Job Creators).  What about you?


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