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Jerry Falwell, Jr. “Admires” Rick Perry for Calling for Secession

by taberandrew

The Secessionist made a pilgrimage to Liberty University this week to kiss the ring of Jerry Falwell, Jr. and seek absolution for his HPV vaccine problem. All was forgiven — and then some.

Falwell also called it “gutsy” for Perry to talk about secession, saying it shows he’s real – “a candidate that’s willing to say things that a polished politician” might not. “I just thought that was a gutsy thing to say, and I admire him for saying it.”

The United States is a truly exceptional nation, uniquely blessed by God — so let’s break the whole damn thing up.

Of course, the Secessionist now denies he ever called for secession — but I guess Junior didn’t get the latest talking points.

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