I don’t know maybe it’s just me but after having a car accident in March which resulted in two hips surgeries and an out of the blue heart attack last month I seem to get more easily aggravated watching the news. Case in point these fools in California who have served notice they may go on strike.

According to published reports it’s all over health care where some workers now pay nothing towards their health care while others pay a minuscule amount of $7 to $15 per week. With rising costs grocery chains are asking their employees to kick in more towards their health care.

Don’t these fools, no make that idiots know that people are out of work and would love the chance to not only work but also have health care no matter what they may have to pay with company contributions.

You folks feel free to step aside for others who will be happy to take your job and health care benefits.

Below is a union propaganda video from 2007. Wonder how much Grocery Workers Union officials make.

Lyndon Evans

Lyndon Evans