Please take one minute twenty seconds to look at this clip, and try to figure out who the real killer is. If you know who the killer is, do not spoil it for your partner.

Do this before you read on.

Do not read the rest of this post until you have watched the short clip above!

Tell the truth: Were you or were you not, able to list the twenty-one changes in this clip?

Let me tell you what I missed. On the first try and the second try and the third try. I missed the fact that the murder victim lying on the floor changed. I missed the bear. I missed nearly everything, except for the flowers.

On Wednesday, September 21, 2011, a man named Troy Davis will be executed.

Troy Davis’s conviction rested completely on eyewitness testimony that was, for the most part, later recanted by the witnesses. They recanted because they claimed that they were coerced into inculpating Troy Davis.

That’s it. There was no physical evidence. No gun. Nothing.

Apparently, at this point only President Obama can stop this killing of an innocent man in Georgia. Will he stop it?

After scoring yourself on the one-minute well-lighted, clean closeup video above, would you want to be in Mr. Davis’s shoes? Would you want to live or die based on how people see things, in the dark, from a distance?

If you do nothing else, please watch some of the clips about the Troy Davis case (hat tip normanb). Here is the first in the series. Please watch them all. Eyewitness testimony is the major cause of seven causes, that result in wrongful convictions.