I’ve been called every imaginable name by “Democrats” for opposing Obama’s Right Wing policies. Forget about the Right Wing media, the Left Wing media has marginalized Progressive ideology and vilified Left Wing Bloggers. Only Republicans and corporate “Democrats” are considered Very Serious People (VSP) in politics, economics, and international affairs. Upon taking office, Obama abandoned the Left. Every policy position and signed legislation was engineered to attract Independents. The Left has been ignored and discarded. Now the Left is ignoring Obama. The chickens are coming home to roost.

The polls are starting to reflect the anger and discontent in the “Democratic” Party. And surprisingly, the media is starting to report Democratic anger and discontent as a serious political problem for Obama. Perhaps Obama and Democrats will start addressing Progressive issues but I bet they are months away from understanding the magnitude of the problem. It’s likely Obama won’t until after Perry or Romney is in the White House. Someone in the White House should wonder why would Progressives like Bin Quick vote for any Republican over Barack Obama. Why would someone like Bin Quick believe Progressive issues are safer with a Republican President and congressional “Democrats” in opposition? But I’m sure the VSP in the White House know exactly what they are doing. After all, their previous projections were correct – unemployment didn’t rise above 8%, 2010 Democratic congressional victories, the 2011 Spring economic recovery, and millions of new jobs.

Now Barack Obama is running from swing state to swing state repeatedly saying the word “jobs” as if saying the word creates jobs. The idiot should stay in the White House and look in the mirror.  I doubt the FOOL even understands that he will be held accountable for his failure to revive the economy, create jobs, and end GWB’s wars, tax cuts, and abuses. Although, I bet Obama cuts Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid to appease Independents.

Soon the media vultures that ignored Liberals will be asking the White House why did they ignore Liberals. Soon those media vultures will ask Obama why didn’t he push for a larger 2009 Stimulus, end the GWB tax cuts, get out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and close GITMO. Then those media vultures are going to ask, “Why is health care inflation (Medicare and Medicaid) driving the long term national debt after he passed Health Care Reform?  The Republican that won “Little Wiener’s” congressional seat got less votes in victory than he got in defeat last November. And Debbie Wassermen-Shultz is blaming Orthodox Jews and gay marriage for the loss.  Next Progressive and  Liberal  Bloggers will be invited on MSNBC programs they were previously banned from to explain the lack of Liberal enthusiasm.  Get ready Liberal Bloggers, your vindication is coming, and the Republican in the White House is leaving.

Bin Quick

Bin Quick