1. The Republican that won “Little Wiener’s” congressional seat got less votes in victory than he got in defeat last November. And Debbie Wassermen-Shultz is blaming Orthodox Jews and gay marriage for the loss.


    No thats spin if you win with less votes than you lost an election then the other side did not turnout for the election.
    I think this election in November will confirm that trend. Its the Blue Dogs not the Lefties in close districts that are facing an election blood bath.
    We win elections by getting our side excited to vote first then we get power pass our ideas into law and prove our ideas work. Then we convince the other side our ideas are better than their ideas by showing them peace, and a good economy.
    We do not win elections by ignoring our base and taking them for granted America is not the African American wards of Chicago!

    We do not run on our ideas and then when we get power ignore our ideas and reach out to the other side for ideas that can pass with their approval.
    America is not the State of Illinois where the GOP and Dems alike work together to fleece the State.

    Also if GOP ideas were to work and so far low taxes for 10 years under Bush/Obama have not worked to create jobs then the GOP not Obama would get the credit.
    Again America is not Illinois where GOP districts vote in GOPers regardless and Dem voters do the same with elections divided by swing district turnout.

    The Illinois Combine of GOPers and Dems thinks that if they manage the state well crime is down garbage gets picked up then the party in power wins the swing districts.

    As long as they do that Illinois voters won’t care if the State supports a bunch of corruption. But we do care about corruption  granted only when the National economy and Illinois economy does poorly.

    Only when the economy is good  does the party in power win the swing districts and takes credit and power when the economy is bad they lose the swing districts.
    All they see is that by compromise and working together can both parties  steal from the State of Illinois all they want.

    They do this  by not investigating each other they do that by picking safe State attorney’s who just arrest stupid politicians who get greedy and caught.
    The State attorneys never go after the big fish.
    The thing is the Lefty blogs are doing what Illinois newspapers never do report the news. Obama does not realize that we turned voters against the wars. We made the idea of taxing the rich more popular with voters than cutting SS and Medicare despite the Media’s hype of Paul Ryan’s budget as the only serious debt plan in washington.

    We laughed and said end both wars and cut defense spending to twice what China spends and we will have more than enough money to save SS, Medicare and create jobs.

    We convinced the majority of voters that government should create jobs again despite no media coverage of that issue. Jobs are the most important thing to voters right now.
    Neither party gets that, both parties think more tax cuts are the answer never mind 10 years of Real World experience thats shows otherwise.
    Both parties think control the media you control the voters never mind the Lefty blogs are not controlled and we are changing people’s minds on the issues.
    The Tea Baggers are less popular in America than Muslims despite the Media build up they got. Despite their victories making Obama surrender at every turn.
    The Powers that Be have lost control but they don’t even know they are dead men walking yet, if not on election day on revolution day.

    America is not Chicago Obama we won’t be taken for granted. We are not so divided on race like Chicago we will  always vote in one from our side, our race, religion neighborhood no matter if they are corrupt. We want Results Fool!


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