While reading a post and answers I happened upon the query of ” if the 2% have all of the wealth,  what is the 98% supposed to do?”. I continued to read on down through the comments while considering the question. Maybe we have been trained to believe we are helpless by the MSM and the politicians with their speeches.

 Consider,  if you will,  looking at the problem from a slightly different direction.  While the 2% supposedly have all of the “wealth”, what do they really have?  What they really have is an account in a bank or financial institution controlled by a computer. They have accounts on Wall Street also controlled by computer. They have fancy homes and are driven around by someone,  someone else cooks and another cleans.

 While the government, both state and federal, the politicians, the corporations and especially the wealthy would like for everyone to believe that they are all powerful, it simply is not the case.

 The actual truth is that the workers in the 98% are the ones who drive the wealthy, they also cook and clean for the wealthy. Without these people these wealthy individuals couldn’t  survive on their own. Well, what does that have to do with anything?

 Once again, consider, the workers in this country operate the computers that keep the wealthy rich. They control all of the electricity, control the gas, water and sewers. If you add in all of the various functions that are actually controlled by the workers, this country could be stopped in it’s tracks in an instant.

 If  there were no workers for only one day, everything would cease to function. So the question is answered- the 98% have the power. The government and the rich only have power when we fail to remind them who the true owners are.