Talent Spotting for an “Elizabeth Warren for President” in 2016

With Elizabeth Warren announcing her candidacy for the United States Senate, perhaps, her election will remove the self-imposed and calcified hobbles that the Democratic Senators have placed onto themselves for these past thirty years, despite these same Senators seeing themselves as the American “gift” for thoroughly-bred race horses of a non-stellar quality, but instead, for a large quantity of perpetuating the “wrong information” voter and without giving any consideration to the “unassailable fact” voter.

Therefore, I am going to make it my effort for the next couple of weeks, by either questioning her or her staff and relative to her potential “wants and desires” for establishing a Progressive Caucus in the Senate.  And of a related nature, in lieu of a Progressive Caucus, I am prepared to accept her establishing a “Middle-Class Caucus.”

Therefore, should she opt to establish the lesser or the Middl-Class Caucus, she will be my Presidential Nominee in the 2016 Election Cycle.