Despite Abu Mazen’s vow of “no retreat” from the Palestine U.N. bid, I’m concerned about his recent actions…

Israel okays PA’s acquisition of antiriot gear ahead of UN vote

Palestinian Authority approached Israeli companies to purchase equipment ahead of expected demonstrations in West Bank; IDF recommended approval a few months ago to help PA deal with unrest.

…The ministers involved gave their approval at the beginning of September.

Now, the PA is working furiously to buy the equipment, but seems to be having difficulty procuring the goods because time is so short. The IDF will finish its preparations this week for a possible escalation in the territories. The Central Command will receive reinforcements of a couple of regular infantry battalions tomorrow, as part of its preliminary preparations against violent demonstrations, in the IDF’s overall plan named “Summer Seeds.”

At this stage, an additional 20 percent of forces are being added on the West Bank. The battalions have trained to deal with possible scenarios, including violent marches toward settlements, IDF checkpoints and major roads serving the Israeli population.

Now, pardon the hasbara spin, but, Arutz Sheva has this disturbing news…

PA ‘Offers’ Israel: Accept Demands or Face the UN

Abbas tries to climb off a high diplomatic tree and “offers” Israel previously refused non-starters in return for halting its UN ploy.

…However, the Palestinian Authority may be getting cold feet. Italy warned Wednesday that a bid to the United Nations would be a ”mistake” and cause “an unpleasant” situation for Western countries.

Qatar, which serves as president of the upcoming General Assembly session, said Wednesday that no formal request for recognition has been made and that it is not usual for such a request to be filed just as the General Assembly begins its fall session next week.

Qatar said that any consideration of a request, if filed, is not likely to occur before October, which would put an end to the hullabaloo about riots and violence later this month because of the failure of the Palestinian Authority to win all of its territorial and political demands.

Staying with Arutz Sheva, it would be laughable at how much spin could be put on words, if those words weren’t so tragic…

Edelstein: PA Wants Apartheid

Public Diplomacy Minister reacts to PLO official’s statement that no Jews will be allowed in ‘Palestine’.

“After endless campaigns of delegitimization against Israel, and attempts to brand it as an apartheid state, it turns out that the Palestinians are the ones interested in apartheid,” accused Edelstein.

“I wonder if Areikat’s statement that the two nations need to live separately means that one million Israeli Arabs are not of his people.”

The Weekly Standard’s John McCormack reported that Areikat claimed the state of “Palestine” would tolerate minorities. “Asked by the Daily Caller’s Jamie Weinstein if, following the establishment of a Palestinian state, ‘there would be no Jews in the West Bank or Gaza,’ Areikat answered in the affirmative. ‘We have to be separated, we have to work on our own national identities,’ he said.”

Don’t ya just love a good RW Media Feeding Frenzy…?

One last Must Read link penned by Antiwar’s Alison Weir…

US Ambassador: Support for Israel Drives All US Mideast Policies

…Ambassador Daniel Shapiro clarified what drives US policies: “The test of every policy the Administration develops in the Middle East is whether it is consistent with the goal of ensuring Israel’s future as a secure, Jewish, democratic state. That is a commitment that runs as a common thread through our entire government.