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Independents can win–Tell your friends.

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Independents have a great chance of winning their districts all over the USA because the majority of Americans are fed up with both parties and their political antics and their class-centric-rose-colored-blindness to the suffering of 80% of the American people.

I am working on a site now that I hope to have up no later than Oct 15, which will be a grand central station for any Independent in the USA who wants to run for office.  Among other things, it will provide state requirement information for Independents as well as other tips for running a non-traditional campaign.  Traditional campaigns are based on the myth that hundreds of thousands of dollars must be raised to wage a campaign. This is not true, at least not at local and/or U.S. Congressional District levels.  Furthermore, this myth is perpetuated by the wealthy just so ordinary Americans from the 80% club don’t run for office.  The other myth they perpetuate is that winning candidates need the support of one of the two parties.  Neither myth is true. The best thing for building a strong Democracy would be the replacement of both parties with Independents who are representative of liberty and justice for all—not just the upper 20% who benefit from the multilevel marketing scheme that we call the U.S. economy.

Because it is so important for those who are considering even the possibility of standing up for Democracy and running as Independents to get started now,  I have put together some basic steps to run for U.S. Congress as an independent which are available as a free PDF  at this location:

This seven page document is divided into the following sections and each section contains an explanation of goals that should be accomplished during that time period.

Start Now:  In the Next Two weeks.

Mid November

Mid December

Early January 2012

Early February 2012

March 2012

General rules for gathering required signatures to get your name on November’s ballot as an Independent.

Overall Strategy

Additional Resources

Independents Can Win

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Liz Berry

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