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US Embassy Attacked in Kabul

The US Embassy in Kabul was the site of a sustained attack that resulted in six deaths and many more wounded. None of the deaths were from embassy personnel, the embassy reported. The BBC reports that the Haqqani network is responsible for the attack, according to the Kabul police chief. The Taliban has also taken responsibility. According to reports, the militants captured a building that was under construction, and then used it to fire down on the US embassy. This is part of a press release from a spokesman for Afghan President Hamid Karzai:

Initial reports indicate that terrorists launched attacks in three different locations in Kabul’s Abdul Haq Square, Deh Mazang and on the Dar-ul-Aman Road. The attacks are reported to have injured some people.

Strongly condemning the attack, President Karzai said the enemy does everything they can to affect the process of transition of security responsibilities to Afghan government. “The attacks can not stop the process (transition) from taking place and can not affect, but rather embolden our people’s determination in taking the responsibility for their country’s own affairs”, the President said.

The coordinated attacks in Kabul, the only city presumed to be safe from attack, shows how little of the country is actually secure, ten years after the invasion. And the 100,000 coalition forces in the country aren’t likely to boost that security, seeing how they have failed to do so for a decade.

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David Dayen

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