Gee, speak of the dirtbag and he appears.

No sooner had I referenced Darrell the Car Thief in this post than he makes headlines yet again for all the wrong reasons:

This morning, the group American Family Voices filed a formal ethics complaint against Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, regarding the “symbiotic relationship” the congressman has established between his business interests and public responsibilities.

The AFV letter rolls off a laundry list of Dirtbag Darrell’s devious deeds, among them his purchasing millions of dollars of high-yield Goldman Sachs mutual funds at the same time he was pressuring the Securities and Exchange Commission to drop a lawsuit against Goldman Sachs.

And of course what does Darrell Issa do when caught out like this? What every Republican caught out does: scream and squeal to his media buddies that Democrats ate his baby are picking on him! Mooommm! Make them stoooooopppp!

Makes me feel like a song. I leave you with these verses, sung to the tune of the song featured above:

Whine, Darrell, whine, you little car thief git
Be amazed you’re not nailed for something major yet…

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman