No political strategy can be seriously considered until we understand the character of who we are dealing with. While watching the CNN Republican Tea Party Express Presidential debate last night I saw all pretense of civility stripped away to expose America’s dark cold heart!
Trust me people, it wasn’t pretty.

Anchorman and media whore, Wolf Blitzer propose this scenario to candidate Ron Paul:

“A young healthy male decides to opt out of health care (“I,m young and healthy why waste the money”) and later has an accident. He ends up requiring long term medical care, but has no insurance and nothing close to covering the cost in his bank account.”

Wolf put the question to Ron Paul: “who should pay for his care at this point?”
Paul responded with a weak argument that proposed the young man seek out the aid of charitable organizations or the help of his church.

Wolf Blitzer showing a rare display of guts pressed the question by asking; “would you allow him to die?” At that point the Tea Party audience responded with a very loud and resounding, Yes! Ron Paul never answered the question.

Wolf later directed a question concerning foreign policy in the Middle East to Ron Paul and Paul being a true Libertarian said all of the right things in the wrong place:

What it comes down to is Ron Paul told America the truth; as most of you know by now, “America can’t handle the truth!” Most (even some Obamabots) and Democrats would much rather buy into the Crap Rick Santorum was selling; “they hate us because we are exceptional and free!”

In the last Republican debate Rick Perry was introduced as the Governor who has put more people to death in his state than any other Governor in the country; the crowd went wild with cheers!

The “New Iron Curtain” (corporate media) true to form completely ignored anything Ron Paul said and only reported on those they have decided are viable candidates.

Those who think this dysfunctional relationship can still be salvaged condemn generations yet unborn to this endless struggle between civility and insanity! As long as we hitch our wagon to these guys there will never be National Health care; anything that makes up the commons will be sold off to private companies (looked at who picks up your garbage lately). Endless corporate war will become the norm. The time has come to walk away and allow them their Libertarian paradise.