Aldous C. Tyler will be officially running in the Democratic primary against President Barack H. Obama.  His platforms are peace, full employment at a living wage, environment, social safety net, Medicare for all, fair trade, human rights, civil liberties, election reform, corporate accountability and infrastructure.

All Democrats, liberals, progressives and other leftists should support Aldous’ run.  It is going to reinvigorate the Democratic Party and force candidates to come back to their principles.  Right now the only thing that defines a Democrat is the absense of being Bachmann or a Perry or a Romney.  That leaves the field wide open to anything goes. This is unacceptable.

Right now the debates are focused on extreme right-wing agendas which have become the new norm.  Having a televised Democratic primary will put the media focus back on our issues for at least half of the time.  Just like FDR once said “Make me do it,” our President has asked us at least twice to hold him accountable.  With all the pressure he gets from the corrupt lobbyists inside the Beltway, he needs pressure from the non-corporate owned grassroots to counterbalance that and let him know what the people truly need.  Not just so that he knows, but so that he can point to the visible pressure he’s getting to give him leverage to put his foot down on critical issues.

The biggest problem with having a split Democratic party is that the centrists keep insisting liberals and progressives get on board with them for unity.  They have not provided a good reason why we cannot unite and also hold on to the Party’s principles and platform.  They have not explained how by uniting we must somehow neglect that the sick deserve treatment and the poor deserve to live.  Instead of capitulating like the rest of them, let us be the ones to stand firm to our values.  Let us insist that centrists come and meet us on our terms, the terms of the Democratic Party itself.

For far too long, we have been neglected and ignored.  If we do not fight now, then no matter who wins the 2012 election, we will continue to see our civil liberties, health, job opportunities, safety nets and lives diminish.  With Aldous, we have a chance to change our country.  It will not happen if we complacently sit around having jaded conversations about it.  It will happen if you and I and millions of others get involved for change just like it did for our President’s campaign in 2008.  Be the change.  Support Aldous C. Tyler.



Activist Alliance

Activist Alliance