Every time I see President Obama talking about his Jobs Act to help the unemployed and the economy all I ever hear him talk about are construction jobs.

Well that might be fine and dandy for those who work in that and its related fields but what about the rest of Americans who worked in any number of other fields and businesses who are jobless and in need of work.

It also makes one wonder, at least myself, how many of those jobs will be given to illegal aliens by unscrupulous companies which win bids for the construction jobs. Oh sorry we’re not to think that way.

But wait boys and girls this is where trickle down economics come in and jobs will be opening at McDonalds and other high paying retail and service businesses where the trickle down river of money will lead. That is excluding the money which never makes it to tax rolls and heads south of the border.

Yep Obama sounds more like a Republican these days and a Bush league one at that as well as a provider of income for those who see the US as an easy target of making money, getting on one or more welfare systems while real Americans are often hung out to dry.

I would love to know Obama’s popularity rating right now in Mexico, Central America and South America.

Lyndon Evans

Lyndon Evans