Why? Because what we have been doing is so obviously NOT working that’s why. I thought about that this morning as I read about the upcoming “Day of Rage” that is scheduled to take place on Saturday Sept 17 and includes a march on Wall Street. There have been many marches on Wall Street and what has changed?  Our Congress still votes to turn over billions of our taxpayer dollars to Wall Street crooks.  Congress is not responsive to the voice of  the majority.  They care more about their own Wall Street stock portfolios than they care about the American people.  There has been no recession for them.

September 25, 2008 [Ziouda.com]

October  16, 2008 Photo by Chris Hondros
Ralph Nader speaks to a crowd in front of the stock exchange.  Nader denounced the Wall Street Bailout plan and urged drastically increased regulation of the nation’s financial system.

(Jonathan Weeks/The Epoch Times)
April 4 and 5th – 2009 Two Day Wall Street Protest
In a nationally coordinated effort in six cities held on a Friday and Saturday in 2009 (The Saturday rally timed to coincide with the April 4 anniversary  of  the day Martin Luther King Jr. was shot in Memphis in 1968. The crowd was showing the spirit of revolution that was present in the ’60s and ’70s when the people forced the government to change their agenda.  The people were angry over the lack of transparency concerning where money from President obama’s economic bailout plan was going.  Remember the AIG bailout?  They got $180.5 billion of our federal money.  We do know that Goldman Sachs got $12 billion of that. We do know that the people from the 80% club got nothing. The crowds of 500 on Friday and 1,000 on Saturday were smaller than anticipated but they did draw participants from other states.  Read more here.

April 29, 2010 New York City  (Altaffer/NYDaily News)

Groups called for banks to be held accountable for their role in the economic crisis.  Hours before this rally, more than 100 people entered a midtown building housing JPMorgan Chase offices.  They handed a letter to the building worker and chanted “Bust up big banks”  The protesters then walked a few blocks and crowded into a Wells Fargo building lobby.   The banks did not respond to requests for comment.  JPMorgan’s response for helping the people?  They announced that they will stop financing tax-refund loans for about 13,000 independent preparers in a move that could drive customers toward H&R Block, higher fees and loss of more money for the average American. That is a response to be expected from a bully.  Just recently (Sept 2011) Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase suggesting withdrawing from an international banking group because it was suggesting that banks back their bets with at least 9.5% capital.  [Imagine what Jamie would tell YOU if you wanted a mortgage and were only willing to guarantee it with 9.5% of the value of your home?]


It is time to bust up the big banks! and a few other monopolies like General Electric and Exxon Mobil too!  But protests in the streets may not be the way to do it.   2008, 2009, 2010 and  these are not all the protests by a long shot that have been held on Wall Street since the US Congress totally ignored the American people and used taxpayer money to bail out Wall Street as George Bush’s parting gift to the rich.  And there is a new protest scheduled to begin Saturday, September 17.*  Protesters are invited to bring their tents and camp out on Wall Street for several months.  This protest may garner more attention than previous Wall Street protests–particularly since people are a helluva lot angrier and the chances of Americans getting hurt run high on this one.  If that were to happen, there might be a public outpouring, a tide of indignation against the pigs on Wall Street and in Congress to effect some change.  Perhaps, but I’m not entirely convinced if the police murdered people on the street if that would change anything.  Remember Kent State?  They shot young students and that changed nothing.

*Note:  In case you haven’t heard, September 17 is designated as a Day of Rage with over 18 events scheduled all over the USA.


You want things changed?  You want a Congress of non-millionaires that responds to the majority instead of to Wall Street investors?

Then kick every last member of the U.S. House out of office in 2012 because you will never get what you want until you do–even if you throw bricks through their windows.

This is my dream for my country.  It is not only a totally attainable goal, but it is also an easily achievable goal.  Of course all Senators are not up for re-election in 2012, and it is more difficult to run for a Senatorial seat–especially in larger states because it does require money to cover  a territory as large as many states.  The same may be said for the office of President.  [Still, in some of the smaller states, it is possible to go after the Senate seats as well so don’t let me discourage you.]

However, in most cases, all U.S. Congressional Districts in the USA can be managed with a budget of under $5,000 and a core of at least 50 dedicated volunteers.  It is entirely possible for ordinary Americans who are not millionaires and who are not fake astro turf Koch Tea Baggers to take over Congress.



I am completely convinced that we can change things in our nation by running for office ourselves as Independents and by voting for other Americans who are doing the same.  These are the steps that you must take now, today, if you want to run for U.S. Congressional Representative for your District in 2012.

1. Go to your state elections website and find out what the steps are for running as an Independent candidate in your state. These requirements vary from state to state, but many states require that you file an intent to run as an Independent sometime this fall Prior to January of 2012.  In Texas, the time for filing your intent to run is between November 12 and December 12, 2011.

2. Check out all the other requirements to make sure that you meet them all.  Make a calendar now of the important deadlines and dates for filing various papers.  Download and print out all required forms now.  If you are running as an Independent, this means that you will likely have to gather signatures of registered voters in your district. [Most often you cannot being these efforts until after the 2012 primary is held in your state.]  There is a form that you will have to use to record those signatures.

3. Write your platform.   See my platform for  an example.  http://iflizwerequeen.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Platform-for-US-Congressional-Representative.pdf

4.  Identify 10 key issues and write your solutions to each key issue.  cut it down to a 30 second sound byte.

5.  In November,  walk door to door in a several block radius of your home inviting people over for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to your home/apartment and or to a local cafe if that works better for you.  The goal of this meeting is to tell them what you think about things. your plan, and to listen to what they think and their solutions.  You want to already have a date scheduled for another meeting in December and ask them to each bring one person with them.

You can do it!  We can do it.  We can change our government by using the democratic process that is in place.  There are those who tell us that it is broken–I’m telling you  that there is NOTHING wrong with the process other than the fact that people like us are not using it.  They have bought into the myth of the wealthy that it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars to win a race.  That is a lie.

Here is another Document for you:  SO YOU WANT TO RUN FOR OFFICE.  YOU CAN!

Liz Berry

Liz Berry