UPDATE, via Matt Comer of QNotes via Twitter, news to make you ill:

Breaking: #NCGA House committee passes anti- #LGBT amendment. More details: goqnotes.com/12375/ #ncpol

From the article:

A proposed anti-LGBT constitutional amendment will be considered this afternoon and this evening in the North Carolina House of Representatives. It’s another surprise move by Republican legislative leaders, who had previously announced, though sneakily, that the amendment would be heard today in a Senate committee. Sources say two GOP senators have excused absences, leaving the body without the votes for passage.

Speaker of the House Thom Tillis (R-Mecklenburg) said at a press conference this afternoon, that the new House version of the amendment, SB 514,  would be heard on the House floor if successfully passed through the House Rules Committee this afternoon.


You aren’t going to believe the sh*te going on in Raleigh at our General Assembly (the House is taking it on today) where 1) the public is not being allowed to speak, and 2) no legal experts on the impact of the hate amendment are going to be allowed to speak either. Look at this language coming out of House Leadership, the repugnant Skip Stam (follow hashtag #NCGA there are a lot of reporters there).

@fitzsimon Stam claims that courts “have forced same sex marriage on the people.”  Sounds like George Wallace talking about integration #ncga.

@greeneatsblog: I am absolutely disgusted with the #GOP #ncga right now. They’re attempting to shove through amndmnt w/ no public comment, no legal opinion.

@NCCapitol: Tillis: House will vote Marriage Amendment today. May ballot, not Nov. #ncga #ncpol

RT @mtdotnet Stam just justified marraige amnt by comparing it to 1600s law. Next on agenda: public stonings. #ncga

RT @wccubbison: Stam explaining that domestic partnerships will be illegal under this amendment. Indys oppose that language by 20 points. #ncga

This is a complete sham of a democracy. If the pro-amendment bigots believe so strongly about limiting the civil rights of gays and lesbians while our economy goes to hell in a handbasket, surely it can withstand public and professional scrutiny. WRAL has live video:

Follow the amazing horror in our Twittercast below:

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding