The drugstore cowboy with his unloaded guns gets “tough” again today.

In the Rose Garden today Obama is expected  to announce that his $450bn jobs plan is ready to be taken up by Congress and repeat his demand for Congress to quickly pass the bill.

The Financial Times reports that  Republican leaders have offered the plan a lukewarm reception . On Friday, John Boehner and other Republicans requested a copy of the legislation.  They intend to have the proposal scored by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.  More at the Financial Times.



We will see what happens.  I’m a little surprised that the Republicans are intending to have the proposal scored by the CBO.  In the past many of them have rejected reports from the CBO.  Their political stance has been to agree with the CBO when the report matches what they want to do and then disagree with them when it does not.  At any rate, it is a good stall tactic on their part as it will take a few days to score the proposal and in the meantime they can look like they are cooperating.

One thing that they are certain to axe is the proposed extension for unemployment benefits.  The Republicans in Congress have made it abundantly clear that don’t give a damn about the unemployed.

Obama knows that the Republicans will only cooperate with him on any parts of his job proposal  that further the agenda of the Republicans and the corporate Centrist Democrats to dismantle our government and open up the funds paid for by the American people so they can legitimately use these coffers that they have been illegally been using for years to make up the difference for the taxes that they and their rich pals have not been paying.

In the meantime, here are two actions that the President could have implemented almost three years ago, but he hasn’t because Obama and his Democratic corporate centrist administration don’t anymore give a damn for anyone but their wealthy Wall Wall Street pals than do Republicans like Mitch McConnell and John Boehner.  They are all lying phonies who are robbing the 80% of Americans blind.

Obama has wasted time and waited until only three months before the 2012 election year to even present this lukewarm jobs bill.  He doesn’t give a damn any more than the rest of them do.  They are all millionaire leeches who suck off the majority.

If Obama had cared, he would have begun from day one to put money back into government coffers.  Instead, he and his Democratic Corporate Centrist government have worked with the Republicans to continue to pad their own personal net worths while ignoring the American people.  There has been NO recession for the rich.  Let me repeat that:  There has been NO recession for the rich.  The Milton Friedman “free” market multilevel marketing scheme works just fine for the upper 20%.  The rest of us, the 80% get the recession.  It’s time for REAL change in our economic system.

1.  Collect taxes that are owed but not paid:  In the USA tax evasion added $3 trillion to the deficit over the past decade alone, an average of $300 billion a year, according to IRS data. This isn’t revenue lost from legal tax write-offs, like the mortgage interest deduction. It’s not even, as the IRS notes, “taxes that should have been paid on income from the illegal sector of the economy.” That $300 billion represents the amount of revenue lost from people deliberately cheating on their taxes every year. This includes underreporting income, hidden offshore bank accounts, sham trusts, and other ways to illegally stiff the IRS.  [Note: About a year ago the Obama administration made a big fuss like they were going after off shore accounts and Swiss bank accounts.  Now a year later, after the rich have had more than enough time to move their illegal tax shelters elsewhere the Swiss bank may release a few names.]

2.Take back what’s left of that $100 billion the American Taxpayers forked over to IMF in 2009 and use it to create jobs to repair the crumbling infrastructure of the USA.


I look forward to seeing what the group who are gathering on Wall Street this Saturday (September 17) will do.  If they are serious, I’m sorry to say that many of them will be martyred.  The rich have a long and well-established history of being willing to murder for their money.  I’m sorry to say but I also think that martyrdom is just about the only thing that might wake up the millions of Americans from the 80% majority to take back America from the rich who continue to steal by mooching.  All the real welfare queens live on Wall Street and Park Avenue.


No the cuts are not in the bill now.  Of course not!  Obama has mentioned cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, but the big slices will be carved out by Republican and Democratic Corporate Centrists as they “find” the money to fund the job creation.  This way Obama doesn’t have to take responsibility for cutting Medicare and Social Security.  He can either blame it on the Republicans or he can call it another one of his “bipartisan” achievements.

By the way, Americans should be learning by now that “Bipartisan” is 21st century American newspeak for robbing the 80% to increase the net worths of those who are already millionaires and billionaires.

Liz Berry

Liz Berry