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QNotes interviews Marcus Brandon, NC’s only openly gay legislator about amendment battle

Marcus Brandon has a level of diplomacy toward his peers in the NC General Assembly that I could never muster on an issue like this, where those supporting a marriage amendment in our state have shown the general public and the press nothing but obfuscation, cowardly actions to slip in a vote under the radar, and holding town hall meetings that continue to conflate church and state. I can’t respect that kind of politically dishonest  jiu-jitsu. Then again, that’s why I’ll never hold public office, lol.

I’m glad he’s finding ways to convince some of the lawmakers who truly cannot get past their religious beliefs to understand what the issues at had really are.  Matt Comer of QNotes has a fascinating interview with Brandon, who finds himself uniquely placed, as a person of color, to address these issues head-on.

“I have tremendous respect for my Republican colleagues and I respect that this is a deeply-held belief for many of them,” Brandon said. “This conversation I’ve had with Republicans and even some Democrats is the same conversation that you have to have with family members when you come home trying to explain who you are, what you are and what that means. It’s a very similar conversation.”

…One legislator’s change of reference, in particular, was among the most inspiring for Brandon. In previous years, this legislator had co-sponsored the anti-LGBT amendment. In conversation and dialogue, Brandon saw a change.
“God had to really work with me on this issue,” Brandon said, reciting the legislator’s remarks to him, “and at the end of the day I realized I have to stand before God just like Marcus does and I have no right to judge him.”

Brandon is confident the legislator will now vote against the amendment.

“That is a beautiful movement,” he said, “not for political reasons, not because there’s an election, not because of the Democrats or Republicans, but because it was personal.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding