The Associated Press reported that President Obama got fired up in a speech at the Rose Garden today, sending his $447 billion jobs proposal to Congress and imploring lawmakers to pass it with “no games, no politics, no delay.”

But here is the part that should scare the hell out of the 80% of us who earn less than $100,000 a year:  Obama has said he will help cover the plan’s cost by asking Congress’s deficit-reduction commission to seek additional cuts beyond the $1.5 trillion it is mandated to make.

I can just see it now:


Note:Deficit” is in quotations because, since Social Security is a program that is totally funded by taxpayers, discussion of it should be outside the scope and authority of ANY commission delegated to study ways to reduce the deficit. Since the money for Social Security is NOT part of the national budget, it has NO impact whatsoever on either the national debt OR the deficit.  Social Security has NOTHING to do with the national debt or deficit.  I think Obama and his Wall Street buddies keep hoping that the Attention Deficit Order American public will forget that fact because they keep trying to make a connection there.

Of course, Obama will defend himself by acting as it is an “either/or” choice:  Either jobs or Social Security, but most Americans by now realize that this is a fake political choice manufactured by Wall Street pimps and corporate pundits and bought-and-sold politicians for the rich.  There are no problems with funding Social Security for at least the next 20 years.  Furthermore, we should and could raise Social Security payments to a living income if ALL Americans were taxed for social security on 100% of their income.  Currently, those who earn in excess of $106,000 a year don’t pay any Social Security taxes on amounts above the $106,000 mark.

Simpson, the Republicans AND the corporate Centrist Democrats are so full of BS and stinking lies to the public that you can smell them and their foul agendas for the upper 20% coming long before they ever arrive. F them all! RUN FOR OFFICE IN 2012 AS AN INDEPENDENT AND KICK ALL THEIR ASSES OUT OF OFFICE!

Liz Berry

Liz Berry