This is in response to Metamar’s  FDL diary on Global Warming I encourage people to read the link below to read his arguments and get a better picture of the Global Warming is not real arguments. Localized cooling as the poles melt is expected and yes even some worse winter storms as ice melts and cooler water enters the oceans. With greater heat well think of a pressure cooker with a steam valve the greater the heat the more energy/steam or in the earth’s case wind is produced then think of that steam valve being right next to a 10 pound block of ice when winter comes and the poles refreeze.

When the now more powerful winds come from the North or if you live near the South pole during winter we get worse storms that bring colder air further to areas that normally don’t get polar storms.

However overall land based temperature’s have been rising. I concede ocean temperature’s are dropping but explain it because Ice floats and as long as Ice floats the ice above the water line was not cooling the oceans before. As the ice melts it cools the ocean like ice cubes melting cool your rum and coke on the rocks drink with ice cubes in it  cools down even as the ice warms up and melts.

Now the   global warming is false argument as I understand it. I confess I find the logic behind the conclusions derived from the facts which are really troubling.


Recent results at CERN (CLOUD experiment) supported the Svensmark theory of climate change, resulting from solar magnetic modulation of cosmic rays penetrating into earth’s atmosphere, which in turn modulates cloud formation. Decreased solar/magnetic shielding means that increased low clouds will then reflect more incident solar radiation back into space, leading to a coolling effect.



If the sun is in a cooling trend fine I won’t dispute that data however Metamars you miss an obvious conclusion brought up by the fact that yes the earth is getting warmer.
That means that DESPITE the sun getting colder global warming is not going into reverse.
That makes our argument stronger.

“Sea surface temperatures (SST) during March 2010 were warmer than average across much of the world’s oceans, with the cooler-than-average conditions across the higher-latitude southern oceans, across parts of the northern Pacific Ocean, and along the western coast of South America.
Warmer-than-average conditions were most pronounced in the equatorial portions of the oceans, where the tropical ocean surface temperature (equatorward of 20 degrees latitude) also had its warmest March on record. The March 2010 worldwide SST ranked as the warmest on record, with an anomaly of 0.56°C (1.01°F) above the 20th century average—the previous record was set in 1998.
Speaking for myself, I don’t care much about surface temperatures on land, because the heat capacity of the oceans is far larger than the atmosphere.”

As far as that argument goes if you melt ice cubes expect the water in your drink to get colder as the ice cubes melt.
Is anyone denying that the north and south poles are melting? No then expect the oceans to get colder exactly where Metamars points out.

” cooler-than-average conditions across the higher-latitude southern oceans, across parts of the northern Pacific Ocean, and along the western coast of South America.”

See the ocean by the poles and around S America where S pole water flows is getting colder as the ice melts.
Remember ice floats on top of water as ice melts all that cold that was above the water line gets added to the ocean water cooling it more.
The ice exposed to air not water had a minimal effect on the air temperature because air does not conduct heat as quickly as water does.




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