His name is Mike Williams a highly educated and worldly young man who earlier this year threw his hat into the political ring in my Congressional District the 5th here in Connecticut. While not the first openly gay CT politico to run or get elected to office here in the Nutmeg State, I believe he is the first to run on the national level for office.

Among the things he holds near and dear according to his website, I will be a champion of the Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act and I support marriage equality for all of America’s citizens and will vigorously oppose any effort to deny this right under existing laws or to halt any of the progress that has been made in this important civil rights struggle .

Now that in and of itself would make for a singular story but as important as it is to have an out politican running for national office, what Williams and his partner Bart Hoedemaker are currently going through outshines that story. Because of losing his job at the end of this month Hoedemaker faces deportation back to his native Netherlands.

Megan Carpentier wrote an article which is the basis of this posting at the website The Raw Story. In the article she goes into great detail about the plight both men now face. One of the telling points of view Williams now takes in regards to the man he helped elect back in 2008, President Barack Obama, is this quote from the article.

“The Obama Administration has been woefully inadequate on LGBT issues and this one in particular,” he said. “It’s sad they can’t be supportive of this equality agenda that he speaks so warmly about but has failed to enact.”

In this country of double standards when it comes to equality, even if Williams and Hoedemaker were to marry in Connecticut, gays and lesbians cannot sponsor their spouses for citizenship as can straight married couples. Just one more reason why DOMA needs to end, and sooner not later Mr. President.

Imagine your life being torn apart in just a number of days.

You shouldn’t have to, nor should Mike Williams and Bart Hoedemaker.

Lyndon Evans

Lyndon Evans