"homophobia" by the|G|™ on flickr

"homophobia" by the|G|™ on flickr

Even though Connecticut is a progressive state, on occasion homophobia rears its ugly head.

Such is the case with a private Christian school in West Simsbury, The Master’s School.

Rachel Aviles would have been a senior this year that is until she told the truth about herself.

As reported in an article by Susan Campbell at The Hartford Courant, things abruptly changed for Aviles after a school trip last spring when it was found out that she and several friends were, as my generation use to say, goofing around, pretending to be married and making “wifey”phone calls to one another. The problem for the school was these were all girls.

When the girls were confronted by school administrators about their actions during the trip and asked point blank about their sexual orientation Aviles told them she was a lesbian. Hiding behind the fact that unlike public schools, private schools can discriminate as to who can attend or not, they took action. Mind you it didn’t matter when she applied to attend the school and was accepted that she wasn’t Christian, but because she admitted to being a lesbian, well you can guess what happened to her.

School administrators told Aviles it would be better if she left the school than forcing them to expel her.

She is now a proud member of the class of 2012 at Watkinson. When she sat down to talk to Campbell for the interview she told Campbell she didn’t want to make her former school look bad. “Just because you’ve been wronged doesn’t mean you have the right to wrong back.” she said.

How’s that for someone whose not a Christian, turning the other cheek when others did her wrong.

Rachel Aviles is a thousand times more Christian than the administrators of The Master’s School.

Change.org has a petition regarding the unfair treatment by the school of gay and lesbian students.

Lyndon Evans

Lyndon Evans

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