Henry's the one on the bottom

The same man who cheerfully allowed Darrell the Car Thief Issa to become the House’s new Ethics Czar is hopping into ideological bed with the most hated man in the guitar industry:

In the weeks following the Aug. 24 raid of Gibson’s Tennessee facilities, Juszkiewicz has portrayed himself as a poster boy for the excesses of government overreach in the age of Obama, channeling the palpable rage of the Tea Party-set by playing the victim of Uncle Sam’s proctology prowess.

Such rhetoric has apparently (wait for it) struck the right chord with Tennessee Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who has invited Juszkiewcz to sit in during President Obama’s jobs address before a joint session of Congress Thursday evening.

I won’t go into the fact that Marsha Blackburn voted for the very Lacey Act expansion that has tripped up Juszkiewicz, or the fact that no other major American guitar maker seems to have this much trouble following this law, which Gibson’s now been busted on twice. (For more of the facts on both actions against Gibson, click here.) Let’s just look at what Juszkiewicz’ own employees think of him, courtesy of GlassDoor.com:  [cont’d.]

…I watched people get promoted in areas where they have no experience, and be trained by the very people who were denied promotions. You are told to run guitars with obvious flaws at the end of every month, and then threatened with write ups when senior managers find a problem with those same guitars. I watch people alongside myself work 10-12 hr days 6 days a week, and watch a select few who can laugh and cut up with management and not contribute much effort at all to production without a word ever being said. I think my biggest issue right now is that regular employees are required to work all but the last Saturday of every month (yes that is only 1 day off a week for most of the month, how’s that for family friendly) while supervisors and managers get to switch out and decide who will have to come in…


…Executive turnover is off the charts at Gibson….One new general manager of a major division quit during his first week. The record is astonishing and shameful. CEO surrounds himself with entrepreneurial thinkers and resolute decision makers – who have endured 10 to 20 hours of interviews and a 4 to 6 hour psychological evaluation – but does not empower them AT ALL to do what they are best at and explicitly hired for. He makes every decision himself. Rarely gives feedback or course correction on your daily reports, but easily pulls the plug on a whim when he’s unsatisfied. Routinely humiliates people in front of their peers. Plans or reports that are requested can be left on the shelf without approval, rejection, alternative ideas or even acknowledgement. Promising initiatives with substantial investments behind them are cancelled before they have a chance to get any traction. Action requests affecting critical resources or deadlines are ignored. People are sidelined or fired without warning or explanation – and quickly forgotten. History is routinely rewritten. Fear and uncertaintiy is pervasive. Recalls Stalin’s best years. Do not ever seriously consider accepting a position here as long as Henry plays a decision-making role. It’s hard to believe he graduated HBS…

Whew! No wonder he only has a 14% approval rating there — though I expect that to start marching upward once the right-wing zombiesphere gets their marching orders to swarm the board with fake “Gibson employee” postings that speak nothing but good of their Dear Leader.

Memo to John Boehner: There’s a reason Gibson’s CEO’s name is pronounced “Jerkowitz”. Do you really want to jump into bed with this guy — especially if the latest raids turn up evidence of things that go beyond breaking the Lacey Act?

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman