('Theories' by permission of Anthony Freda @www.anthonyfreda.com)

Our daughter called yesterday and reported that her two sons were taught about ‘9/11’  at school on Friday.  She was weirded out about it; I was, too, especially given their tender ages.

I did ask what they were taught; that would matter a lot.  She said that Malachi reported that ‘some Bad Guys blew up two buildings somewhere’, and that was pretty much the extent of his new knowledge, but when you’re a six-year-old boy, what the hell else would you focus on, anyway?  Blowin’ shit up is awesome!

Five-year-old Elijah said that he learned that ‘Bad Guys in planes knocked down two buildings’.  I asked if their teachers had told them why the Bad Guys did that’?

Neither remembered anything about that….  But wouldn’t you have to think that one curious kid or another would have asked ‘why?’? And that the teacher would likely have answered, ‘They hate us for our freedom’ or something equally vapid, trite and nationalistically self-serving?

But for the love of God, why were they taught anything about it at all at those ages?  Parents could answer their questions if children even noticed any television coverage, though I think most kids would have skipped right on by the video images, which would look as unreal as scenes from their video games.

Some mornings I boot up Dylan Ratigan’s show from the preceding day and listen while I eat my breakfast toast.  I’d been steering clear of all this crap commemoration ka-ka, but that’s what his show was about.  Having stayed entirely clear of any of it, against my better judgment I listened to two parts of his show before I clicked his show’s page closed.  A pair of authors had just written a book about the crucial need for schools to teach 9/11 in their curriculum; another to honk on about the need to be able to speak of radical Islamist while noting that most Muslims are peaceful, tra la la…and were pissed at Obama’s and Bloomberg’s hand-picking BigWigs for ceremony at the site, and not allowing survivors or first-responders to attend; good point, I guess.

But not one guest even mentioned why some ‘radical Muslims’ may have some serious grievances against the US. (Please see Edger’s diary for some of the ‘possible grievances’ via OBL quotes and the John Stockwell CIA Third World kill-for-the-thrill or maybe‘bidness’video.)

Now it seems that the tide is turning a bit regarding the blind and ignorant ‘America as innocent victim’ meme, but just from seeing the home pages of major internet providers and news outlets…the coverage is ubiquitously sentimental schlock and what our Ms. Hamsher called ‘9/11 porn’, massaging our delusions as ‘The Shining City on the Hill’ AND keeping our fears of other attacks ginned high…and making sure few begin to honestly answer the question:

‘Why do they hate us?’

Have at it, Firedogs; there are no wrong answers, and may it prove cathartic to all who play and all who read.  Answers may be true, satirical, absurd…I don’t care.

The contest judge will be named later, so will the prizes, if any; mebbe some of my premium bird photos.  ;o)  Enter as often as you like; letters must be postmarked no later than midnight tonight.


Love to you all; be as ‘unexceptional’ as you can be,


p.s.  ‘They hate us for our Freedom Fries.  And for ‘Slappin’ Leather’.


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