What the Frack! “Al Qaeda” wanted the United States to attack other countries! Endlessly!

Who could have anticipated that? And the US military continues endlessly to bring the battle to the Al Qaeda army, which numbers in the hundreds. And by coincidence, the secret, war planners in the Pentagon and in Petey Peterson’s “Think Tanks”, also wanted endless wars.

Congratulations, Al Qaeda, Congratulations Neo-conservatives, you both got what you wanted! And to show that terror does pay, Peterson got $600 million from the controlled demolition of World Trade Center 7.

Almost every sentence of the latest 9-11 speech by President Obama is a Full Spectrum Dominance Lie. His previous 9-11 mythology was similarly lacking in true facts. The victims of 9-11 are victimized again and used to justify illegal wars and torture. This same narrative was used by the previous President in the same way to conceal the truth about 9-11.

But this latest “Address” by the President, does have some new mythology about “Al Qaeda”. The President gives Al Qaeda new comic book super human powers. Or this could be the Bizarro Al Qaeda.

The President gives “Al Qaeda”, a former CIA mercenary army, credit for the following historically momentous changes to the USA.

(1) Al Qaeda wanted to draw us in to endless wars, sapping our strength and confidence as a nation. But the President is not clear about which war. Did Al Qaeda draw us into Irak, or Afghanistan or Yemen, or Libya or Somalia or the COINTELPRO against Americans. How devious Al Qaeda is! Although that is the same goal as PNAC, endless wars.

(2) They wanted to deprive us of the unity that defines us as a people. Because without unity, all that remains is the super rich waging class war against me and almost everyone else. This is also another PNAC conspiracy, that is class war is a PNAC conspiracy.

(3) And Al Qaeda wanted to undermine our place in the world. That is, Al Qaeda hates us for our “exceptional” place in the world. We have exceptional Armed Drones that could target the Jonas Brothers. Even more exceptionally, US taxpayers pay for both sides of the War on Terror. These wars must never be undermined.

Will the President continue to contribute new memes to the mythology. Of course AQ does hate us for our freedoms and watches CNN and Fox tee vee, to see how afraid we are. But these new claims raise more questions. How does the President or anyone, know in such detail, what Al Qaeda is thinking and doing? If the well armed “Intelligence Community ” knows so much about the “Enemy”, why has the “Intelligence Community” failed time and time again to get these criminals? The answer is, they need an enemy to keep the endless war profiteering.

Bin Laden needed the crimes to invest in the Stock Market and so profit from the terror. Al Qaeda was just a criminal gang, and Bin Laden was its banker for specific terror plots.

The celebration of 9-11 has become a new religion. We pay honor to the first responders. We honor our incredibly capable leaders who have kept us safe. The military gets our praise, prayers and money for their endless bravery and endless success. The magnificent, bloody butcher, General Betrayus gets the CIA., and its 800,000 neo-con secret police.

The wars and repression have made us a stronger country, except that strength is used against citizens who oppose the madness. The President’s use of repression, another COINTELPRO, against anti-war citizens, was not promised during his campaign. in 2008.

But the mystery of the complete security failure on 9-11 perhaps is not a mystery. We continue to discover that Usama Bin Laden was routinely protected by a secret faction in the “Intelligence Community”. This disgraceful coverup continues by the top civilian and military leaders.

There is the Pakistan Coverup. Pakistan aids and assists the Taliban in Afghanistan, to kill Americans. Pakistan helped create Al Qaeda and all the other terror groups. Pakistan’s ISI intended to blame, or rather give credit to AQ for the Mumbai Terror Attack. But one of the Mumbai attackers was captured alive and talked. The US Government continues to conceal Pakistan’s terror and the CIA’s agent David Headley’s involvement in the Mumbai conspiracy.

An enemy far worse than the invented “Al Qaeda” is destroying America. It is the alliance of multinational corporations, Oil Companies and KochRoaches and Goldman Sachs and the Chamber of Corrupt Corporate Commerce and so on. THEY HAVE DECLARED CLASS WAR AGAINST AMERICA, along with their other wars against muslims.

It has been ten years but our leaders refuse to admit the truth. The wars are all about the theft of the world’s remaining fossil fuels, and anything else the billionaires can steal. The President had an opportunity to end the addiction to mideast Oil. He could have started a program for solar energy. But the plutocrats have other plans. The President chose more Dirty wars, more Dirty Oil, Coal, and Uranium. And we get more mythology from the President.

This weekend, we’re coming together, as one nation, to mark the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. We’re remembering the lives we lost—nearly 3,000 innocent men, women and children. We’re reaffirming our commitment to always keep faith with their families.

No, I am not coming together. America is not coming together. The 9-11 First Responders are not coming together with the President, because they are not invited. The chickenhawk politicians who have failed for ten years are the Stars of this TeeVee Show, and they will remind us how great 9-11 has made us.

The President could have kept faith with the families who sued to get justice. The Saudi Arabian government and the Pakistan government financed the 9-11 hijackers. The families of 9-11 victims have evidence, The US Government chose to protect the Saudi terrorists. That makes the Department of Justice and Eric Holder, 9-11 accomplices after the fact. That is another disgrace.

As for lives lost, the body counts are in the hundred of thousands as America has become The Evil Empire, with endless wars. But if the President actually cared about the victims, he would punish their Saudi government murderers, instead of protecting them. The President gives credit to the extraordinary 9-11 generation. The health care provided to vets and first responders remains ordinary.

We’re honoring the heroism of first responders who risked their lives—and gave their lives—to save others. And we’re giving thanks to all who serve on our behalf, especially our troops and military families—our extraordinary 9/11 Generation.

These are just words. Many of the First Responders, have health problems from breathing the dust from the vaporized concrete and steel and asbestos and worse. The toxic air was declared “safe-to-breathe” by neo-con Christine Todd Whitman. Huffington Post reported significant lung damage to 9-11 First Responders.

“A study of some 27,000 trade center responders released Tuesday by Landrigan and others at Mount Sinai found that 42 percent had lung damage, 42 percent have sinusitis and 39 percent have GERD.” …

About half the material was “non-fibrous” including polystyrene foam, vermiculite mineral, combustion product (carbon soot), mineral dust of gypsum, calcite, dolomite and quartz. The other half was fibrous material including “cellulose (wood and paper fragments), fibrous glass such as glass wool with yellow resin coating, Fiberglass, colorless mineral wool, refractory ceramic fibers, limestone, calcites, carbon fibers, synthetics (including fragments of cloth) and chrysotile asbestos associated with the lime and carbonate insulation debris.”…

“Not here, but previous testing of other thousands of samples in the past also detected very fine fragments of photographs, fingernails, bones, hair, and tissue,” Ehrenfelld said in his report.

The health problems of the first responders is an embarrassment to the 9-11 terror profiteers. The explosive toxic plume, produced by the demolished Twin Towers could only be caused by temperatures higher than 3000 F. Concrete and steel and everything else was catastrophically vaporized. The official “pancaking” theory cannot explain how the Twin Towers were vaporized

The President neglected to mention the shabby treatment, health and otherwise, given to the first responders. First responders, will be investigated by the FBI so no Jihadists are given medical treatment. First responders, who get cancer from breathing the toxic plume, are denied medical coverage.

The President endlessly looks forward, not backward. A few more decades. a few more trillion dollars, and we will have Al Qaeda on the run. OR not. Perhaps, the First Responders will receive comprehensive medical treatment. Or not. Can you again say DISGRACE! Margie Smith says it.

In July, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health announced there was not enough scientific evidence linking cancer suffered by Sept. 11 first responders to time spent at Ground Zero.

Margie Smith didn’t stand to gain from the fund with her husband’s death, but says the decision to exclude cancer patients is nothing short of an indignity.

“It’s a disgrace to my husband, who gave of himself and went through so much inhumane suffering,” she said. “And it’s a disgrace for the people who are going through what we went through. These people are still suffering, and they’re losing their homes because of the medical bills.”

But America is stronger and the President has taken the fight to Al Qaeda like never before. There are more AQ number twos, eliminated than, ever before. The terrorists have no safe havens, other than Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Al Qaeda is on the endless path to defeat. The President promises to build the future “together”. The President does not explain how to build the future when wars have bankrupted the country. The wars are bankrupting many of us citizens, who do not share in the war profiteering.

At the same time, even as we reflect on a difficult decade, we must look forward, to the future we will build together. That includes staying strong and confident in the face of any threat. And thanks to the tireless efforts of our military personnel and our intelligence, law enforcement and homeland security professionals—there should be no doubt. Today, America is stronger and al Qaeda is on the path to defeat.

We’ve taken the fight to al Qaeda like never before. Over the past two and a half years, more senior al Qaeda leaders have been eliminated than at any time since 9/11. And thanks to the remarkable courage and precision of our forces, we finally delivered justice to Osama bin Laden

We’ve strengthened the partnerships and tools we need to prevail in this war against al Qaeda—working closer with allies and partners; reforming intelligence to better detect and disrupt plots; investing in our Special Forces so terrorists have no safe haven.

The US did deliver justice to Bin Laden, give the President credit. But Pakistan who sheltered, the “leader” of AQ for five years, does have some explaining to do. It would also be helpful to reveal the other members of Al Qaeda. A large amount of AQ information was discovered by the Navy Seals when they terminated Bin Laden. This information, or at least most of it, presumably should be made public knowledge. There should be an international manhunt for the rest of Bin Laden’s gang. Or not.

We’re constantly working to improve the security of our homeland as well—at our airports, ports and borders; enhancing aviation security and screening; increasing support for our first responders; and working closer than ever with states, cities and communities.

A decade after 9/11, it’s clear for all the world to see—the terrorists who attacked us that September morning are no match for the character of our people, the resilience of our nation, or the endurance of our values.

They wanted to terrorize us, but, as Americans, we refuse to live in fear. Yes we face a determined foe, and make no mistake—they will keep trying to hit us again. But as we are showing again this weekend, we remain vigilant. We’re doing everything in our power to protect our people. And no matter what comes our way, as a resilient nation, we will carry on.

Oh the mythology! the terrorists do not have the CHARACTER, RESILIENCE AND ENDURANCE to defeat us. Our government does not need terrorists to defeat the American people. The government can defeat the American people with Homeland Security. For instance, The Underwear Bomber Plot on Christmas 2009, was a False Flag Op. The Under bomber had been under surveillance, and was escorted through security by “Intelligence Officials”. The bomb in his underwear started a fire, that fortunately was extinguished. This government conspiracy by US intelligence officials, was used as a pretext, for airports to require cancer causing X-ray scanners, or government agents putting their hands anywhere they want.

They wanted to draw us in to endless wars, sapping our strength and confidence as a nation. But even as we put relentless pressure on al Qaeda, we’re ending the war in Iraq and beginning to bring our troops home from Afghanistan. Because after a hard decade of war, it is time for nation building here at home.

They wanted to deprive us of the unity that defines us as a people. But we will not succumb to division or suspicion. We are Americans, and we are stronger and safer when we stay true to the values, freedoms and diversity that make us unique among nations.

Look out AQ, relentless and endless pressure is coming your way. Are we stronger and safer? No. But should we believe the President is ending any of the endless wars? No.

And they wanted to undermine our place in the world. But a decade later, we’ve shown that America doesn’t hunker down and hide behind walls of mistrust. We’ve forged new partnerships with nations around the world to meet the global challenges that no nation can face alone. And across the Middle East and North Africa a new generation of citizens is showing that the future belongs to those that want to build, not destroy.

Ten years ago, ordinary Americans showed us the true meaning of courage when they rushed up those stairwells, into those flames, into that cockpit. In the decade since, a new generation has stepped forward to serve and keep us safe. In their memory, in their name, we will never waver. We will protect the country we love and pass it safer, stronger and more prosperous to the next generation.

America has been undermined by lies, torture and the most corrupt wars ever. Walls of government mistrust target dissenting citizens. The wars have created a Police State and the current Dictator is Barack Obama. Ten years ago, the First Responders showed courage. For ten years, the leaders of the country have shown cowardice and betrayal against American citizens. They are not heroes today, not the military, or the spies, because the US military and CIA oppress citizens as they serve corporations.

We will get an overload of speeches on 9-11 by the terror profiteers. They all will promise more of the same.

The President will ignore the true heroes of today. There is a “new” generation of heroes who are reality based, not mythology based. They are the anti-war protesters, the Tar Sands Pipeline protesters, the Mortgage Fraud protesters, defenders of Social Security, and basically anyone who acts against the corrupt criminal corporations.