Friday night on the Jay Leno show, Bill Maher said what everyone but our people-pleasing co-dependent President seems to realize.  Obama has the same personal problem that Bill Clinton had (no, not women):  Both men so want to join the global country club of the wealthy ruling elite that they will do anything for a membership–including selling out  the majority of the American people.

Bill and Hillary bought their membership a few years ago  and  Ed Koch [Yes, David Koch’s brother.] helped to seal the deal by setting up the meeting for Bill and Richard Mellon Scaife to kiss and make up.*  Then a few months later Hillary had her audience with Richard Mellon Scaife when she met him on a campaign stop in early 2008–just to let the rich know that there were no hard feelings in spite of the fact that Mellon Scaife and other wealthy elites tried to destroy the Clintons.  Since that meeting, it became official.  The Clintons are and have been members of the global elite wealthy ruling class now for a few years.

In addition to attaining extreme wealth, there are additional rites of passage into this elite club which appears to be modeled somewhat after sorority and fraternity initiations.  If you endure a certain amount of hazing and abuse from the extremely wealthy  AND provided that you have sufficient economic means, then you can join.  Obama is still working on his membership.  I don’t think that his measly $6 million net worth is enough yet to qualify him for a membership.  The Clintons had acquired slightly over $100 million before they were admitted.

Note from IfLizWereQueen: Obama could ingratiate himself to the wealthy if he is able to undo Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  Bill gave the rich his NAFTA, his “Welfare Reform Act” and then sealed the deal by signing “The Bank Modernization Act of 1999? into law–the bill that has for all practical purposes, completely deregulated the financial industry.


* In 2007 Scaife and Bill Clinton kissed and made up over lunch according to a story reported in Newsweek. Ed Koch is said to have orchestrated the lunch. He had a shared view that Clinton’s work representing the world globally was good for America’s image.  Having once set out to destroy the Clintons, Scaife now said: “I never met such a charismatic man in my life.”  Scaife also wrote a $100,000 check to Clintons Global Initiative foundation.

Apparently, Scaife’s acts of contrition were not sufficient for God’s sense of humor because on January 20, 2008, what goes around came around again for Richard Scaife.  Sex and tongs—it’s divorce billionaire style! — an exposé on Richard Mellon-Scaife and his own sexual exploits written by Tony Allen-Mills appeared in the London Sunday Times.

Liz Berry

Liz Berry