There has been a lot of talk about immigration and undocumented immigrants in particular. People often are very passionate about this issue and it seems that they come down strongly on one side or the other, either a welcoming attitude or the reverse. Our nation’s policies of late have been very intense. Secure Communities (ICE) has deported more individuals than ever before. What was originally going to be voluntary participation in ICE has become mandatory.

Anytime a person comes in contact with law enforcement, an undocumented person is at risk of being turned over to ICE for deportation. This commonly happens because of some criminal act (no matter how minor) and can even happen in other circumstances. For instance, a young man who intervened and saved a child from being abducted got caught up in the Immigration system and is now awaiting deportation.

It seems that this administration is hostile towards undocumented workers or is pandering to the right-wing and taking a tough stand. However, Obama has recently softened his view as a result of a growing protest movement as well as trying to curry favor with the Hispanic community in preparation for the 2012 election. Never-the-less, ICE and the deportations, rather than seeming to be a radical answer to a contentious issue is simply seen as the conservative approach. The reality is that it wasn’t so long ago that the conservative position was quite different. Check out the video during a 1980 presidential debate between Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. I found the positions taken by both candidates to be surprising…

Until I can figure out how to embed a video, you’ll have to watch it here: Reagan/Bush Debate